A Lemony List – 40 Things to do with Lemons

I don’t use lemon and lime interchangeably, no sir. They have such different profiles and I like to keep each special. For instance, I haven’t yet met a lemon and mango combo that I like. Lime and mango, however? Take me home, baby!

Sometimes I think I love both of them equally and then lemons come up way ahead in all the ways I can get them to do what I want – like boil ‘juiced out’ shells and puree…in a way lime and its bitterness won’t allow. And then I fall in love all over again with limes when I zest some,or juice lingers on my fingers. But I realise, I don’t have to choose and so I won’t.

Therefore, lemons are amongst my favourite things in the world. From the fragrance to the taste, I love ’em. And if they’re Meyers, then I dream about them :).

1. Admire them

2. Scratch and ‘aromatherapy’ them – zest some, smell the sunshiny freshness!

Getting lemon rind

3. Juice. Lemon water first thing? Or whatever you want, to be honest

4. Then this to do with the shells – Baked Lemon Shells stuffed with cheese and tomatoes

Just before
Baked 'Amalfi' Lemons with crostinis

5. And this: Strawberry and Balsamic Sorbet in Lemon Shells


6. By far one of my favourite thing to make is lemon puree – reserve your juiced out shells for this wonder that you can take sweet or savoury. Also organic lemons, yo!

7. Lemonade – it’s my son’s signature drink 🙂 and I love the inspiring story of Mikaila Ulmer, a young black girl who became a lemonade entrepreneur when she was 4 1/2 years old with her Me & The Bees Lemonade!

8. Lemon bars

9. Lemon curd, several ways – plain and herby

Lemon thyme curd
Scones with lemon thyme curd and cream

10. Very lemony stew of chicken and fresh dates

11. Grilled Burrata and Meyer Lemon Flatbread

12. Meyer Lemon Brown Butter


13. Lemon Caramel


14. Lemon Rasam – thank you, Deepa for this guest post

paticheri_meyerlemonrasam_2013 (1)

15. Lemon Rice– thank you, Deepa for this guest post

paticheri_meyerlemonrice_2013 (1)

16. Meyer Lemon Russian Rose Loaf


17. Meyer Lemon & Rosemary Focaccia


18. Grilled Meyer Lemon Citrus Salsa


19. The Best of Summer: Strawberry & Lemon Sorbet


20. Simple Desserts: Lemon Possets


21. Preserved Citruses: Lemons, Oranges and Limes, the sweet way


22. Lemonettes!


23. Lemony sugarcane juice, you? Okay, I’ll have one too


24. Technique: How to Brulee, without Broiler or Blowtorch

25. Spice up your life with citrus dust

26. Lemon in your dressing – liven up that fattoush


27. or make Velva’s Vinaigrette


28. Food School: Citrus Cured Salmon, For Alaska….


29. Just sub lemons here 🙂


30. A Platter of Savoury Turkish Delights and a delightful lemon-bay leaf syrup


31. Squeeze copious amounts over seafood, over seafood Paella, like my La Rambla version


32. Linguine Con Sarde


33. March On With The Daring Cooks: Salmon Ceviche & A Wedge Salad


34. Lemon and Apple Galette de Pérouges

34. Teacup Muffins: Back to the Future


35. Totally ‘Not Vanilla-Bland’ Chicken

36. Lunch on Homegrown Nigerian Quails

37. Preserved lemons by the amazing, Velva of Tomatoes and Vines


38. How To Make Finishing Salts

39. An easy lemon cake – take it up a notch on the grill or in a grill pan. Trust me – grilled cake is a revelation


40. Homemade Limoncello, anyone?

So, here are my favourite ways to use lemons. What are yous?

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