Coffee in Arusha-Tanzania: From Berry/ Cherry to Bean

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 23, 2017
I am a gradual learner. In the case of coffee, I’ve progressed from instant to cold brew from grounds. Next step? Buying a cafetière and grinding my own beans because I’m now an aficionado :). After all, do you know all the things I do about coffee? No? Well, grab a cup let me tell […]

Around West Africa in ‘Jollof’ Names

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2017
Interesting, I find – Jollof goes by only four names across the coast of West Africa, three of which are repeated in use – Jollof, Riz au Gras (aka Riz Gras), Thieboudienne; one – Benachin is used in only one country – Gambia. I looked at the names in 16 of the 18 countries, excluding […]

Around The World in Bottom Pot

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 12, 2016
Smoke as a flavour is alluring, hardwired into our DNA, the DNA of homo sapiens since the discovery of fire. It’s why bottom pot is present as a desirable dish in many cultures around the world. From the discovery of fire to the preservation of food, it’s wormed its ways into our palates but for the longest time, […]

Around The World In Peculiar Star Apple Names…

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 10, 2016
..Or how the star apple and it’s monikers got their names, from star apple to milky breasts to ‘vagina’ fruit … Star Apple For the pattern you see when you cut a cross section through the fruit, due to the arrangement of the seeds which cluster into a five point star. One of the most […]

Around The World in 12 Star Apples: From Agbalumo to Cainito, Lagos to Jamaica

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 3, 2016
The idea that we are as much the same as we are different is what slays me about food, what binds my heart to the cause of eating, feasting, of discovery. That though we are set apart by seas and oceans, by mountains and plains, valleys, plateaus, essentially we are the same – we eat the same […]

Part 4: Around the World in Twelve (12) ‘Jollofs’

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 13, 2014
…or Twelve (12) Shades of Jollof Rice. Jollof rice in the  simplest terms is a beacon for West African cuisine. Texturally, it’s half way between the separate, not mushy grains of a pilaf and the ‘sauced’ creaminess of a risotto. Here are twelve (12) takes from classic to not. 1. Classic: Nigeria & Along the coast of West Africa […]