Pepperfruit-cured Salmon

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 10, 2017
Yes. Pepper fruit cured. I knew I wanted to use it for the way I thought the spicy seeds would cut the chewy fish and add aroma. My desire would be to cure white, local fish but this is a good place to begin.  And I’m glad to say it worked. Take some processed pepper […]

Spice: More about Nutmeg

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 18, 2017
I’ve written about Nutmeg before, about discovering it shelled, walled in Dubai. And still there’s more. And Zanzibar served it up, on a Spice Farm tour. Here, I saw the entire nutmeg fruit – nut, shell, mace and all. Our tour guide, Ramadan shared the fruit and more with us. That nutmeg comes ‘as a fruit’ […]

Arewa Kitchen: Kayan Kanshi – Of Things That Smell Good

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 13, 2017
Kaya of things and Kayan Kanshi of things that smell good, nice. Of herbs and spices. I’m confronted with this name when I walk into a store for some Balangu. It reminds me in many ways of the tea masala mix I saw and bought in Nairobi – a fragrant mix of whole spices which […]

In Season, In Season – Carrot Pepper soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 19, 2016
I’m trying to eat more than carrot cake, delicious as my version of it is – adapted from food52 and topped with the same lemony cream cheese frosting as goes on my red velvet cake. The last time I made some Carrot cake, on Boxing Day. If you didn’t know the origins of Boxing day […]

Get More Out of Your Yaji – 6 Things to do Apart from Sprinkling on Suya

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2016
Yaji, aka suya spice is a smoky, peanutty spice blend with great flavour and tenderising qualities. It is the dry rub that defines one of Nigeria’s best-known streetfood – Suya.  The peanuts in the blend are ground and ‘defatted’ (by wetting with water and pressing) to extract the oils which might cause the nuts to go rancid. The […]

Golden Turmeric Milk

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2015
A few mornings ago, I made some delicious golden turmeric milk. Thank you @afolakea. Turmeric has so many glowing nutritional qualities – from being an awesome antioxidant to boosting immune health and on and on and on. I believe. I heated milk with cloves, green cardamom, grated fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, brown sugar and almonds. […]

The Anatomy of Fresh Turmeric

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2015
The rhizomes – small tubers – of Turmeric remind me of Jerusalem artichokes and ginger at the same time, smaller though. There are a few differences I’ve observed –  Difference 1 – Anatomy The skin has more ribs than that of ginger and the rhizomes are generally smaller in size.  Difference 2 – Colour We […]

Spice: Nutmeg

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 1, 2015
From journeys to Dubai souks, to cupboards in my kitchen, many spices are resident in my kitchen. From nutmeg to saffron and fragrant tea mixes, full of rose and jasmine. There are the thickest shavings of dried garlic, carob pods that hold ‘frozen’ glistening pools of flavor, dried galingale – I’ve never seen that before, […]

Ginger: Fresh, Dried, Pickled & Powdered

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 19, 2015
I love and use ginger in a variety of ways.  Fresh I always have fresh ginger at home. It is perfect for both sweet and savoury preparations. For sweet, I’ve explored a number of recipes – Confit, Jam, Candy. For savoury, all you need is a bit grated in stirfries and sauces, some pounded whole […]