Golden Turmeric Milk

A few mornings ago, I made some delicious golden turmeric milk. Thank you @afolakea. Turmeric has so many glowing nutritional qualities – from being an awesome antioxidant to boosting immune health and on and on and on. I believe.

I heated milk with cloves, green cardamom, grated fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, brown sugar and almonds.


My fingers got coloured golden, stained by the orange flesh of fresh Turmeric.

In Yoruba, Turmeric is called Ata ile pupa – ‘Red pepper’ though this is technically yellow/ orange, no?


I heated up the mix on low heat, simmered till the scents wafted up and enveloped me in earth and spice.


When it was ready, I laid out fine china 🙂 and began my morning.


Not without first sprinkling some freshly ground black pepper. Then, with a spoon, I ate-drank it.


Oh yum. Next time, I’ll add the almonds once I’m done spicing the milk. I’d love to have this in cereal too, like in oats.

I want to try a nut milk version. Here’s what I would do – soak almonds overnight and then blend with grated fresh turmeric and fresh ginger. To the resulting mix, I would add some sweetener, a sprinkling of freshly ground green cardamom seeds, black pepper and a pinch of salt and leave to infuse.

The result would be used two ways – make refrigerator oats/ chia seed pudding and combined with oats for warm porridge.

I’m excited. Much.


How do you use fresh turmeric? (And yes, there’s a savoury coconut seafood broth with plantains to be cooked!)

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