Friday Cocktails: On Pepper Fruit Gin & Simple Syrup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 2, 2017
I’ve been thinking about a way to create a non-alcoholic infusion of pepper fruit without losing flavour and fragrance and then two things happened: Ramon shared that cooking killed the flavour [baking them in scones worked well though – flavour remained] And I watched Mary Berry make an Elderflower infusion. So I knew there’d be […]

Homemade | Cucumber Gin

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 21, 2017
Ever so often, I have this romantic interlude with cucumbers. Sometimes it’s eating, other times in a glass. I want to say cucumbers are in season and I do. I see them in wheelbarrows around the city, sometimes watered from a ‘pure water’ satchet so they stay green-skinned and fresh. I love cucumbers (even as I […]

Homemade Mulberry – Almond Gin

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 23, 2015
As simple as stewing fresh mulberries with almond brittle, sugar, Cointreau and gin. I liked Sarah Raven’s suggestions about adding almonds to the gin.  putting in a bottle… and topping with Gin The colour comes through immediately that pleases me much.  Right now, it’s setting in a cook dark place to ‘chill’ and infuse. I wonder if it’ll […]

Friday Cocktails: Tepache

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 31, 2015
Lawddddd, its been ages since I wrote about ‘Friday Cocktail’… so here I am, with Tepache. On pineapple, the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. Tepache. Of Mexico. From Mexico. Not a cocktail in the true sense of the world…Not a combination of drinks and liqueurs, but still… Tepache is a fermented […]

‘Local Strawberry’ Liqueur

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 10, 2015
Because once you’ve slain vanilla extract, the world is your essence. Or extract. Because you can pop any old thing in vodka and in its colourless, tasteless way, it’ll absorb colours and flavours and scents. Because, when in doubt, pickle it. Or liqueur it. And because it’s worked so well with coconut, mango and dare […]

Homemade: Tropical Fruit Liqueurs

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 20, 2015
I love making (more than drinking) liqueurs 🙂 for the tons of flavour they bring to cocktails – sweet cocktails for a sweet tooth. Since I first made vanilla extract, the idea of going further, not only with seeds has taken root. There are a few principles to this: Read before you make – the internet is full of knowledge. If […]

Philly Homebrew Outlet

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 3, 2015
I go through phases where I ponder the meaning of life. What and why we’re here. If human beings are really human. Just how much meanness there is and the like. Then I walk in the door of the Philly Homebrew Outlet on 1447 N American Street, right on the corner with a United States […]