Red Amaranth Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 21, 2016
It’s really my peanutty red amaranth saute blitzed. Read: Peanutty red amaranth saute No more, no less.  I saw a beetroot sauce on Masterchef Australia and essentially triggered this – this sauce that has the hue of beetroot and its earthiness but is a snap to prep. Sautee the Nigerian trinity – tomatoes, onions and chilies – […]

All in – Zucchini Mixed Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2016
Kitchen sink meals can be the best – those dishes you pull together with leftovers. The ones where you don’t have enough of any one thing to make a meal of it, but a collection of other things that sometimes when put together end up deeply revealing.  I began with leftover grilled zucchini. I chopped […]

Grilled Zucchini with Chicken & Plantains

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2016
In honour of World Diabetes day 2016, on the 14th of November, I’ve decided to share recipes with my current favourite veg – courgettes, zucchini.  Cooking courgettes is relatively easy – season, saute, grill, or whatever you like. It doesn’t take very long to cook and works well with a variety of seasoning. For dinner, […]

Zucchini: For World Diabetes Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2016
14th November, World Diabetes Day The theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 is ‘Eyes on Diabetes‘…activities and materials will focus on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications. —–00000—– Diabetes is on the rise in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. At […]