Red Amaranth Sauce

It’s really my peanutty red amaranth saute blitzed.

Read: Peanutty red amaranth saute

No more, no less. 

I saw a beetroot sauce on Masterchef Australia and essentially triggered this – this sauce that has the hue of beetroot and its earthiness but is a snap to prep.

Sautee the Nigerian trinity – tomatoes, onions and chilies – all fresh – in vegetable oil and saltto taste.


Add a handful of skinned peanuts.


Throw in your red amaranth – well washed or sand grains will roll on your tongue – and that we do not want! If you like, add some peanut butter sauce.

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Blitz in a blender or food processor. Add water or stock to taste and texture and to the capacity of your utensil.


Your sauce is ready. Klaar  if you are Dutch. Use as you will. As sauce…



Or salad dressing.


And paint a pretty picture with your fork trails. The end.


I’ve also added blanched red amaranth to some hummus – it didn’t add much flavour though but the colour was yum! The end!!!!

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