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Red Amaranth Sauce

It’s really my peanutty red amaranth saute blitzed. Read: Peanutty red amaranth saute No more, no less.  I saw a beetroot sauce on Masterchef Australia and essentially triggered this – this sauce that has the hue of beetroot and its earthiness but is a snap to prep. Sautee the Nigerian trinity – tomatoes, onions and chilies – […]


Peanutty Red Amaranth

I love red amaranth, even though it has shown me ‘pepper’. Last December, I had a peanutty red amaranth side dish on my Big 60 menu. BIG 60 is an annual ‘pop up’ culture and lifestyle installation which is organized and installed by A Whitespace Creative Agency BIG 60 is an annual ‘pop up’ culture and […]