A Feast of Mingau

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 18, 2019
It’s difficult to think of cassava as a recent import to Nigeria because much of its classic cuisine is based on the tuber in different forms. From snacks of boiled cassava with coconut – popular street food; kpokpogari – coarse, hard biscuits of cassava fibre from which all the starch has been pressed,  ‘soaked gari’ – […]

On Independence: Freedom & Cultural Exchange

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 26, 2016
October 1st is in a few days – I have a plan 🙂 – to share musings and recipes and what Freedom means to me. Independence makes me think of Freedom..and food and Acaraje – the Nigerian export to Brazil via slave trade. Freedom is Cultural Exchange…in which some changes become celebrations of shared history. Cultures […]

Frejon: Of Nigerian And Brazilian History

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 27, 2014
Connectedness. The thing that fascinates me the most in life. If I had to narrow down the things I find fascinating. This would be one of them. Connectedness – of people, places and things. Brazil. Nigeria. Connected. By slavery and freedom. In culture and cuisine. Like Carnivals. Connected, with thick tropical rainforests and love for football. Connected in […]

Akara-Acaraje: The Brazilian-Nigerian connection

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 9, 2010
(Updated 10th September 2011)   You go as a prisoners Enslaved by bonds of chain But still….in your thoughts You’re free