Suya-spiced Cauliflower Steaks

Because Yaji is bae. And is delicious on almost every single thing – even white chocolate. Which is chocolate (argue in your back garden)!

I’ve wanted to make cauliflower steaks since I came across the stunning recipe on Food52.

And I did. And made it tres Nigerian with the addition of suya spice – yaji. What the yaji does is contribute peanutyy, spicy, smoky flavours.

Here’s what you do.

Heat up your oven to 180°C, about 350°F.

Set your cauliflower right way up  and then with a sharp knife, cut two 1-inch-thick slices of cauliflower from top to bottom.

_DSC2042_DSC2043 Brush cauliflower steaks with some oil – I used vegetable (?) and sprinkle yaji on both sides. _DSC2045_DSC2051 Be sure to admire the beauty of brown and tan against creamy white.       _DSC2060 Heat up a skillet – any chance to bring out my cast iron is great :). Add cauliflower steaks to skillet and cook until golden brown, about 2 minutes per side. _DSC2061 Once a nice crust has formed, remove from stovetop and set the skillet in the oven. Bake steaks until tender, about 10 minutes._DSC2064 I served mine with zobo pepper sauce. Oh my, what a delight. I’m thinking it would work great with my scent leaf dip. Will definitely be making this again![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Suya-spiced Cauliflower Steaks – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. I just discovered you. I am entranced. I am a white-skinned human of the Great Plains in the United States, whose kin are from the South. I was raised on black-eyed peas, greens, cornbread. I want to discover and relish in the connections between the gorgeous foods of Africa, and how they influence what we eat in the west. My great sorrow is how these recipes originally got here. Thank you for all you are doing.

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