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Zobo Sauce

by on April 14, 2015

Like cranberry sauce…take two.

I’m always on one take or the other, aren’t I? Oh well, such is life.

Current state of my freezer? Enough zippy bags of zobo puree. The cooked calyxes once done with giving juice, blended.


In the past, I discarded the zobo calyxes even though I knew the fresh ones made a delightful sauce.

Thanks to Chef Ramon, I tried again. He served up some awesome bread and jam and got me fired up.


Then and passed through a sieve to make a fine, deep purple-red puree.


Beautiful burgundy puree turns liquids purple. Colour magic. 
So if you think of using it instead of beets in your next red-velvet know, you might be ‘angling’ for purple velvet but that’s fine too.

That puree has made its way into all sorts.

Waffle batter which turned a gorgeous purple but tasted like plantain waffles. Honest. I don’t know what chemical reaction turns roselle flowers into sweet, starchy plantains but this tasted like plantains.


We didn’t like them very much.

It worked okay in my pound cake recipe, thought it turned the texture of the cake from crumbly to dense and chewy – almost like you would expect of an Asian mochi/ purple yam cake.


But we ate it.


The winner though is the puree turned to sauce.

Literally puree cooked with sugar and vanilla extract for 15 minutes till glossy.


Want to go up a notch? Add chopped apples (will yield more a jam like consistency), some red wine (just because) and sugar to taste.


We’ve had it with alles. Everything. Especially chicken.

Like cranberry sauce but more.

Made in Nigeria. xxx[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Zobo Sauce – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]