Suya-spiced Cauliflower Steaks

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 28, 2015
Because Yaji is bae. And is delicious on almost every single thing – even white chocolate. Which is chocolate (argue in your back garden)! I’ve wanted to make cauliflower steaks since I came across the stunning recipe on Food52. And I did. And made it tres Nigerian with the addition of suya spice – yaji. […]

Coconut Masa with Suya & Waterleaf Blooms

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 26, 2015
Part of my fascination with food is the connectedness – the discovery of similar techniques, ingredients, recipes, processes across vastly different cultures and cuisines. Like how poffertjes pans are like Masa ones but with smaller divots. Like how South Indian Appam batter is the same as that for masa, just with coconut milk. And so […]

Suya – Sesame Ma’Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 22, 2015
Suya and masa to be honest is a no-brainer for they hold court together, very often. I would simply have called this a suya-masa salad were it not my daughter, of croffle vs croissantwaf’fly fame who christened it Ma’Salad, and so it is. You can purchase all the elements from your nearest ‘Glover court‘, mix and match […]

New Nigerian Club Sandwich

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 3, 2015
The sandwich to my teenagehood, as open-face egg sandwiches were to my youth. Imagine a BLT (Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato) but more. Double decker. Same elements. And more, for the New Nigerian Kitchen. Toast. The virtues of well-toasted bread cannot be overstated. Crisp, golden, sturdy for receipt of vegetables and more. I like the colours here. If this sarnie was human, […]

Small Chops: Puff-Puff Suya Skewers

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 27, 2015
Been on my mind a while… Small chops and skewers of puff-puff and suya. These were pretty dope. Hence the few words. Vegetables,… Suya-spiced cold-smoked chicken (oven-baked),… …and the finest puff-puff ever. Everything works beautifully – chewy dough, fresh vegetables, smoky chicken. Was I repeating myself? Am I repeating myself? And if you can’t be […]

Winner: Suya Swordfish

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 23, 2015
Five years ago (already????), I won a ‘Your Best Recipe with Swordfish’ contest on Subsequently featured on a number of sites, from Bon Appetit, Wholefoods to Yahoo Canada, which is really the same as Yahoo :|.  Suya spice. Fish? Works a treat and all with homemade peanut butter. Anyone, yes you…can do it. You get your stuff […]

Tres Horrible/ Lagos Polo Club Suya

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 21, 2015
So when I was done exploring the suya at Glover court, I decided to try out the suya at the Lagos Polo Court. And so it was that one evening, in a taxi home from work, I veered off Awolowo road, glad to be rid of the thick traffic that had built up thanks to […]

Cassava & Shaki Suya Hash

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 22, 2015
I love making hash – great for combining starches, meat, vegetables and sauce, all in one pan. I employed my cassava chunks in this recipes, along with suya of tripe – shaki to Nigerians. I got the ‘book’ shaki, known as Bible. Manifold. Onigbawe, in Yoruba. For the ‘pages’ it has. I love how expressive […]

Jibaritos – Plantain Sandwich with Suya

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 15, 2015
Jet lag is a —–. Fill in the blanks. Thank you. You think you’re woman enough and it shows you just how much you are and aren’t. Nights rendered sleepless ones and days exhausted kept me out of the kitchen but I’m glad I overcame. A couple of weeks ago, I read this amazing post […]