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Hojicha Eton Mess

Or what I did with my first ever stash of hojicha. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hojicha Co. who sent me some hojicha powder. The recipe, images and opinions shared are mine. Thank you for supporting brands that I trust as they support Kitchen Butterfly Thinking roasted and crunchy meringues meeting sweet, soft cream, crisp Asian pear finished […]

History & Heritage

Calas – Rice Fritters

The history of Calas, rice fritters is linked to enslaved West African women. The word itself sounds like a contraction of Akara – so ‘Kara/ Kala/ Cala. The Dictionary of American Food and Drink (click borrow at the top to view the entry) calls them a New Orleans breakfast sold by black (note enslaved) street […]


23 Ways With Chocolate: White, Milk and Dark

This is a celebration of the spoken about chocolate, most spoken about, beloved, celebrated and I do that to every shade from the loved – milk, dark; to the one people often argue is real or imagined or not – white. I am an equal opportunity chocolate lover, enjoying every shade Here is a collection […]

Baking, Recipes

Double Chocolate ‘Oven’ Cake

Years ago, I turned some leftover pancake batter into a skillet bake that still wows me with both the randomness with which Imade it and its deliciousness. I called it a double chocolate oven cake and served it with some delightful lemon posset. What does it taste like? Look like? Crunch and cream is how […]


A Lemony List – 40 Things to do with Lemons

I don’t use lemon and lime interchangeably, no sir. They have such different profiles and I like to keep each special. For instance, I haven’t yet met a lemon and mango combo that I like. Lime and mango, however? Take me home, baby! Sometimes I think I love both of them equally and then lemons […]


Lemon Curd 3.0

Yes, we’re on take 3 of lemon curd. Take 1 was making it in a bain marie, standing up and whisking endlessly till the curd formed Take 2 was Engeline’s lesson – put all the ingredients together and whisk slowly. Take 3? The ‘reverse creaming’ method is what I like to call it from Fine […]