Ayobami’s Plansagna: Dodo meets Lasagna

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2018
Ayobami says: ‘I have recently started experimenting with what we’re calling plansagna at this time: pan-fried dodo at the base, layered with shaved steak, grilled peppers, and mozzarella, then baked. It’s still a work in progress but it’s my most exciting dodo creation for now.  To make plansagna, you’ll need: Dodo Steak, sliced thinnly Grilled […]

Guest Post: The Importance of Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2018
Ayobami’s twitter bio says it all ‘…I’ll do it for Dodo’. His piece was the first one I received in the #Dodotales and I laughed my head off. The best part was reading about his creation – plansagna (recipe in the next post). A few highlights: ripe, salt. And those resonate deeply with me. Thank […]

A Guide to (Nigerian) Plantain Cuts for Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 7, 2018
One thing you should know is that there are ‘unspoken rules’ for cuts depending on what you’re having, in Nigerian cuisine. So I did you the good deed of sharing them.  Because in the coming days, you’ll read all about plantain and love for it and how and what not. This is to equip you. […]

The Anatomy of the Perfect Dodo

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 7, 2018
One day, at lunch, I found perfect plantain. It sent me on an upward spiral (?) – it just made me think so many thoughts. And then I asked other people what they thought of my idea of perfect – not that I needed their validation because nothing will make me call overripe mush dodo […]

Black Sesame Seed Puff Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 29, 2018
Because beniseed [sesame] seeds have their DNA and birthplace in Africa so really this is a happy marriage, a homecoming of sorts. I love the nuttiness of toasted sesame seeds – brown and black, and every colour in between. I like to top my salads with them, eat sesame snaps, drizzle their oil in my dips […]

Abiola’s Basmati Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 17, 2018
I’m a dab hand at Jollof – she laughs in red and spice. Well, I’ve finally gotten things down to at least consistent, delicious results. That’s with long grain rice though, not basmati.  Learning to make basmati Jollof has been a lifelong dream, from the days of Holland when @olayide_williams and I would order stunning basmati Jollof from […]

On Beniseed [Sesame] Seeds

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 6, 2018
Because beniseed [sesame] seeds have their DNA and birthplace in Africa. In this post, I use beniseed, benne and sesame seed interchangeably – forgive me. Sesame seeds are the seeds of the tropical annual Sesamum indicum. The species has a long history of cultivation – first for its rich oil but also for wine! The English […]

On Prekese/ Aidan/ Aridan Fruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 2, 2018
I’ve almost always used the dried version and so haven’t had the opportunity, till recently to truly get a whiff of the buttery, caramel, chocolate notes the aidan pod has trapped within it. A winged pod, with 2 hard, inedible and 2 soft, edible wings, it is a core ingredient in my mother’s pepper soup. […]

Finally Named: ‘Banga Stick’ is Liquorice!

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2018
For years, I’ve called it banga stick or oburunbebe, as learned from the interwebs. All attempts to find the botanical name drawing blanks. But researchers stay researching – once one, always and forever one. Some skills to being a good researcher are: Observation: when you notice the details, differentiators, differences, you can ask the right […]

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