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Lemon Curd 3.0

Yes, we’re on take 3 of lemon curd. Take 1 was making it in a bain marie, standing up and whisking endlessly till the curd formed Take 2 was Engeline’s lesson – put all the ingredients together and whisk slowly. Take 3? The ‘reverse creaming’ method is what I like to call it from Fine […]


Lemon puree

For me, the best lemon puree starts with the best lemons – and I defer to organic, unwaxed lemons. I’ll share some steps to take if you have lemons that are waxed, not organic – don’t worry. One of my biggest approaches to food is exploring how much of the whole ingredient I can use […]


How to make any jam glaze

Glazes bring amazing shine to bakes, from breads to fruit and bakes. While apricot jam glaze is very popular other jams and jellies work. I like to use ginger when I want a hint of spice. For berries, I use redcurrant jelly but there is a world of options. A ginger jam glaze is one […]

Nigerian Cuisine

Akara, with Bean Flour

And also with gram/ besan/ lentil flours or powders. Think of it this time as using flours of convenience, whatever they bean :). I first used these flours when I lived abroad, several moons ago and found it tricky sometimes to get black-eyed beans or didn’t want to expend the energy required to peel them. […]