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How to make any jam glaze

Glazes bring amazing shine to bakes, from breads to fruit and bakes. While apricot jam glaze is very popular other jams and jellies work. I like to use ginger when I want a hint of spice. For berries, I use redcurrant jelly but there is a world of options. A ginger jam glaze is one […]

Nigerian Cuisine

Akara, with Bean Flour

And also with gram/ besan/ lentil flours or powders. Think of it this time as using flours of convenience, whatever they bean :). I first used these flours when I lived abroad, several moons ago and found it tricky sometimes to get black-eyed beans or didn’t want to expend the energy required to peel them. […]

Nigerian Cuisine

Bacon-Wrapped Plantains

I grew up eating plantains as an essential part of my Nigerian diet and I find it fascinating to experiment with them. I’ve tried chocolate-filled gnocchi and Plantano Frito tortillas for nouveau cuisine, and traditional Nigerian steamed pudding. And so when I read about bacon-wrapped plantains at Cynthia’s of Taste of Home, its fate was […]

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Yellow Pepper Sauce

I know, I’m here telling you about this sauce that rocks my world, and at the same time I’m asking, telling ‘Don’t judge me’. Don’t judge me by the chilies I eat, or the spices I like, don’t judge me. Don’t judge me, don’t judge my food, don’t judge my heritage. We like what we […]