Keynote Speech: Reclaiming and Reimagining Food History

A few weeks ago, I gave my first ever keynote speech at the Vancouver Island University’s Food and Sovereignty symposium on Reclaiming and Reimagining Food History.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

“Keynote speaker Ozoz Sokoh will highlight how food is more than nourishment for the body but also an important aspect of people’s history and heritage…Sokoh’s presentation takes place June 19 at 10 am PST, 12 noon CT, 1pm EST and is free and open to everyone to attend.

The symposium was funded and supported by Vancouver Island university, University of Massachusetts Boston, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, University of Minnesota, Wiley Press, Gender & History. You can watch on YouTube – I’ve embedded a video below.

I hope you enjoy it! Best x

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