The Instagram Breakfast Edition @RSVPLagos

When @instagram invites you to breakfast, you turn up. I don’t know if to say ‘in style’ but you know, you do you. Be you. You prep to feast and to trade hugs, laugh with fellow ‘grammers and generally have a good time.


Photo Credit – Tope Horpload

If you know me, you’d know that I love Instagram. Everything about it. The fact that it reminds me of polaroids, that there is a rich and vibrant community, that I learn from other ‘grammers, make new friends, see beautiful things, travel the world,…I could go on and on but in one phrase, Instagram enriches my life.

IG: @Oluwasozzy

I got invited to a celebration of the Lagos Instagram community and it was ‘lit’. Held in the beautiful RSVP restaurant with gorgeous people to boot, we feasted, talked, took selfies and generally chilled. Here are a few photos… The beautiful black board, and the announcement… _DSC2071

And when I looked away, still convincing myself that this was a proper ‘instagram’ meet with workers, staff, people of instagram

I only had to look at the menu card to remember


IG: L – @snapitoga

BTW, RSVP is beautifully designed and decorated. I cannot wait to go back.

Beautiful venue, beautiful people,…sigh


Breakfast was the ‘full Nigerian’. Well, almost the full English :). It was nice enough – I loveeeeeed the bread, and the jams and can imagine my beautiful ones served alongside – from the scent leaf dip to my awesome candied ginger jam, did I mention Zobo pepper sauce, Pawpaw-tomato-jalapeno jam? They would work an awesome treat here.


And then there was part 2 of breakfast in the form of pancakes.


Served with a beautifully halved coconut shell full of fruits and yogurt. How they cut the sides of the coconut shell so cleanly is the one question I’ll ask when I go back. 


And guess what? Yes, gifts. Of stickers…


Of notebooks…


And of the Instagram book, which is delightful.


I had a blast. With old friends

IG: @logorofafrica
IG: Tope_horpload

And new ones – not all pictured 🙂

IG: fashionablelagos


Thank you @instagram for  building an amazing community of photo lovers and hashtag kings, queens. Peace, love and part 2.

_DSC2170[wpurp-searchable-recipe]The Instagram Breakfast Edition @RSVPLagos – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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