All in – Zucchini Mixed Salad


Kitchen sink meals can be the best – those dishes you pull together with leftovers. The ones where you don’t have enough of any one thing to make a meal of it, but a collection of other things that sometimes when put together end up deeply revealing. 

I began with leftover grilled zucchini.


I chopped up all the ingredients in similar sizes – zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, apples, cucumber, avocado


I added some cilantro because I love it and I think herbs bring such dimension to dishes. Then I topped up with chopped up leftover, cold chicken.


I’m one of those people with a sweet tooth, but I ‘m also weird that I can eat my salad without dressing of any sort – no vinaigrette, salad cream or mayo. Weird that. Me thinks.

I served it up with a sauce made from red amaranth – essentially my red amaranth saute blitzed into a delicious sauce.

I wanted to set up a pretty plate :), because I like to treat myself kindly…so, a swoosh of my red amaranth sauce.


And then I plated nicely 🙂


I had a few mushrooms left over which I sauteed and left on the side – some of the eaters in my home aren’t mushroom fans so I just adorned my own plate/


It was delicious. You had the mix of fresh and crispy from the apples, cucumber and bell peppers; soft from the tomatoes and avocados, smoky, grilled and intense flavours from the zucchini and mushrooms and the sauce? Yum, yum, yum.

So there,  a few recipes with zucchini for World Diabetes day.

Let me know what you think xxx


  1. What is zucchini? I mean in the Nigerian market, what would I have to ask for when I go to the market say in Kaduna (hausa) or Lagos, is there like a street name for it in these parts?

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