Grilled Meyer Lemon Citrus Salsa

Oh the Meyer Lemon. One fruit but a many-splendid one. Full of tastes from bitter to sweet and floral.

This recipe plays on the lemony bitterness of our beloved Meyer, enhanced by the smokiness of the grill. Perfectly paired with pan-fried white fish fillets and sauteed potatoes.

An easily accomplished weeknight dinner.


It all began with watching a Chopped contestant make a grilled citrus salsa, and mine was born.



In five easy steps.

Step 1: Slice your favourite citrus and vegetables – a mixture is best: but onions and chilli peppers make a great addition to salsas. Toss them in olive oil and season with salt.

Step 2: Heat up a grill pan, and let it smoke hot :-). Then gingerly place your veggies in a single layer. Grill both sides and allow them take  on some char and stripes.



Step 3: Take them out of the pan, admire them in all their smoky glory.


Step 4: Dice them. Or do a rough chop. Very cheffy sounding, I know. Add mangoes for some sweetness, mango season after all is here. Toss together with herbs – coriander is mine of choice.


Step 5: Ladle into a pretty bowl.



Dinner is served. And loved….by ALL.

Tell me all about your favourite salsa


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  2. What a brilliant idea to grill the lemon, Ozoz! You’ve inspired me. 🙂 Now I want to make grilled marmalade. 🙂

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