35 things to do with Meyer Lemons

Consider this the sequel to the LA Times’s Lemon List ‘100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon’, essential reading for Meyer Lemon buffs. Like me.

Indeed one can find a multitude of ways to worship the Meyer.

#17: Give a Lemon Lesson. Watch children chomp on it with excitement

Below are 34 35 of my absolute favourite ways.

  1. Live with Meyer Lemons, in your fridge. Deep freezer. Pantry. Admire them, embrace them, share them too. Make your husband use them as aftershave (thanks Lara :-))
  2. Study the anatomy of a Meyer Lemon: strip its skin, eat its flesh, let its juice drip down fingers and wrists and elbows
  3. Make Meyer Lemon Curd: – ‘old’ regular Lemon, and ‘new’ Strawberry and Meyer
  4. Make and eat some Meyer Lemon ice cream
  5. Enjoy some gorgeous looking bittersweet Meyer lemon focaccia; just lemons and rosemary or amplified with olives and proscuitto
  6. Enjoy a genius Strawberry and Meyer Lemon sorbet
  7. Go savoury, bake some lemons into Meyer lemon and artichoke chicken
  8. Dream of the Mediterranean and preserve some Meyer lemons, with the floral fruit
  9. Make a salad with the preserved meyer lemons
  10. Marinade some (Wara) cheese curds in lemony goodness, enjoy in an open-faced sandwich
  11. Get lazy efficient, bake Lazy Mary’s Lemon Tart
  12. Make Meyer Lemon butter, two ways: Pureed Meyer lemon incorporated into softened butter. Version 1. And then that same mix left overnight to infuse, cooked and browned, with the solids removed out and the pure butter essence left over. Think nutty, citrusy, delicious butter that’s delightful on bread, and other bakes.
  13. Make fragrant fruit salads – grate meyer lemon zest into chopped strawberries or mixed fruits, serve with pancakes, crepes or just on its own. Kids love it.
  14. Head to Spain for some inspiration – Meyer lemon churros
  15. Pipe meyer lemon curd into mini-donuts – decadent but ‘healthy’, the donuts are ‘minis’ after all!
  16. Sprout the seeds, plant them and watch them grow
  17. Give a lemon lesson – gather children around you, segment a lemon and have them tell you what it tastes like. Capture their thoughts in a post
  18. Photograph meyer lemons against a black backdrop – enjoy the striking contrast of sunny yellow and pitch black
  19. Make some chunky grilled Meyer Lemon salsa. Make other variations with chopped  black olives, red bell pepper, spring onions and the like. Great with fish, and chicken
  20. Bake Lemon bars
  21. Make Meyer lemon caramel
  22. Ladle teaspoonfuls of Meyer lemon caramel into an omelette confiture, thanks to The Wednesday Chef
  23. Make a lemony butter sauce for fish, or some Avgolemono, Greek lemon soup
  24. Read all about Meyers
  25. Consider buying a box of Meyers when they’re in season from the Lemon Ladies
  26. Talk about them, non-stop to everyone who cares to hear
  27. Make Meyer Lemon Meringues. A suggestion my 9-year old gave, and true to life and Google, it’s been done before. I’ll be making this very soon!
  28. Meyer lemon bread sticks. Another suggestion from my 7-year old. I think a nice crusty no-knead loaf would be awesome
  29. Make Meyer lemon sugar, by rubbing in grated or microplaned lemon zest. Leave to dry. Freeze it, or use it in tea and bakes
  30. Enjoy some lemonade
  31. Discover a compatriot to the Meyer – The Menton lemon, from France where their lemons, not with smooth skin though are sweet enough to eat.                                                                                                                           

    The Lemons of Menton by Dana Kennedy:“A French lemon takes its place as the most delicious of its kind in the world.Jean-Claude Tosan doesn’t look like a serpent, but he might as well be one as he plucks a ripe lemon from one of his trees, peels it and hands me…the skin.“Faites confiance,” he says. “This is the only place in the world where it tastes delicious.Tosan, whose family has cultivated lemons for seven generations on the terraced hillsides above Menton, is right. The skin of his lemon is sweet enough to eat.”

  32. Have a Meyer Lemon festival, like the inhabitants of Menton do with their famed lemons in the French Riviera.  Every year they hold a two-week festival in February, complete with parades, fireworks and exhibitions
  33. Make a trifle: Combine cake, curd and cream. Start with leftover ‘white’/cream cake, cut into a 1 inch layer. Cover with Meyer lemon curd, chopped strawberries or other fruits, and top with Meyer lemon scented whipped cream. Finish with sugared Meyer lemon purée (remember: those blended and frozen in ice-cube trays), and garnish with strawberries. Delicious!
    #33: Make a trifle. Enjoy the intersection of strawberries and Meyer lemons
  34. Bemoan the last of the Meyers. And wait patiently for another season.
  35. Make a Meyer Lemon Posset!

What would you add to the list? Let me know and I’ll gladly update it….in wait and hope, for next season.

Love. X X X


  1. HEEEE! All i gotta say is that meyer lemons need to send you a check for the work you’ve done for them the last few weeks. Never heard of them before you began posting and now I know everything! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes I’ll do all 34…well, the ones I haven’t done already and some others. On my list is to make a rosemary and meyer lemon homemade pasta, a meyer lemon salt, a meyer lemon cheesecake, a meyer lemon mousse, okay I could go on forever. I kid you not, I have nearly 75 lemon recipe ideas jotted down in my book to make. I may be a little obsessed!

  3. I’m under your spell! I purchased Meyer lemons this week instead of my beloved Lisbons! I can’t wait for the weekend with time to putter in the kitchen! Your list is inspiring with rays of yellow sunshine brightening my day!

  4. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, Ozoz. 🙂 So much inspiration in this list!! I hope to find a Meyer lemon tree to plant in my little orchard next spring. 🙂

    • Thanks Krista my darling – I hope she brought a smile to your face. Lots of love dearie and for sure, look out for a gorgeous Meyer – you’ll have no regrets. Stay well and love to Bear

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