Meyer Lemon Brown Butter

There’s only one thing better than home-made butter and that one thing would be beurre noisette. Otherwise known as brown butter.

When it becomes beurre noisette et citron, brown butter with lemon, then you know you’re on to a good thing.

I say that with supreme confidence for this bright, citrusy liquid is perfect for many things.

Like to fry pancakes in.

Dinner of Lemony pancakes with a kumquat-strawberry salad, with mint

And to create some buttery, lemony popcorn.


Every bit of the citrus character bursts through – bright, fragrant and delicately flavoured. Pair that with nutty and sweet caramel, and where do you think you’ll be????????? In citrus heaven, I imagine.

And its soooooooooooo easy to be had.

A whole Meyer lemon sans seeds is blitzed up, and then combined with softened unsalted butter.


Both are whizzed till the essence of the Meyer is in the butter.

Overnight refrigeration locks the flavours in, and then the compound butter is heated in a pan.


Till melted.


And it begins to brown. You’ll smell it, before you see it – that hazelnut scent, that close, wonderful smell of Wethers Original sweets.


Your eagle eyes must operate here for brown to burnt is merely a matter of seconds. In that time, you might see the mix sputter, and splatter. Please, keep your face out of the pan.


The solids will toast and brown and your glorious beurre noisette will come to life.


Let it cool down, then separate liquids from solids. Do not discard the solids – they make a wonderful addition to Lemon Madeleines and cakes,


Refrigerate the butter once cold and use accordingly. The butter will firm up and turn a shade of caramel, different from its liquid hue. No problem, just warm it up when you’re ready to use it.


My lemon butter fried pancakes, sprinkled with caster sugar were reminiscent of crepes, lemon and sugar. Fresh, sweet and perfect ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ food.

The last of it got warmed up and tossed into sweet popcorn. To make sweet, buttery popcorn, I pop a batch of kernels.


Once popped, I allow it cool down for a few minutes, then I drizzle my melted butter over the popcorn. This is followed with the tiniest pinch of salt, and then lots of granulated (caster) sugar. A thorough toss and my sweet, lemon popcorn is ready.


For my eating, and for school lunch boxes.


I know you know that lemony brown butter is only one possibility. Think Mandarins. Oranges. I won’t go on.

I’ll stop here.

With grand visions of beurre noisette et citron.

All my love XXX

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  1. And yet another recipe to add to my long list of lemony ones to create/make. I may have to sacrifice one of my two frozen Meyer’s for this!

  2. Gasp! I cannot get over how much I love this post. Everything about it. I am growing Meyer Lemons and as I type this, my first one is ripening on the tree. I am so glad to have these recipes saved as I know I will be using them I think I will start with this Meyer lemon brown butter. Divine.

  3. Man… I have to try those Meyer Lemons… I have a feeling your other half uses M Lemons as an after shave now to impress you Madame Butterfly:))))
    Those pancakes looks so good and i can just smell the aroma in your kitchenxxxxx

  4. I must say I am very impressed with your Meyer lemon adventures – such a pleasure to read about! I’ve been stashing ideas away and have added Meyer lemons to my list. What I would give to have a tree in my yard! And now this Meyer brown butter has me swooning… Love my crepes with a squeeze of lemon juice, and now they will be elevated with your lemon butter. Thank you!

    • Thanks Hannah, I dont think I’ve fallen quite for any fruit – the Meyer is such a splendid thing that I had to celebrate it somehow. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my tales. Stay well.

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