Meyer Lemon Russian Rose Loaf

Or Meyer Lemon Cinnamon roll, inside-out.

Because that’s essentially what it is, a cinnamon roll that wears its fragrant sugar crystals on it sleeve, and chest. Not hidden, not tucked into a pinwheel to be seen in hints, but no, a roll that is bold. Courageous, one that sends cinnamon well before it, not just golden dough.

My quest with lemons is always a toss between dough and cream.

I wonder which one lets citrus flavours shine through? And so the tests begin.


One takes a regular batch of dough, excited to try yet another variation on the cinnamon roll. One has tested the regular version, and the pull apart. Its time for the Russian Rose.

The Russian Rose begins with the filling. In my case sugar, cinnamon and Meyer lemon zest.


That filling goes into dough rolled into a rectangle. Then it is rolled.


And with a pair of scissors, cut along the entire length to reveal ‘leaves, or sheets of lemon, cinnamon and sugar.

Sparkling dough, crusted and glittering with sugar crystals

The next step is great work for small hands – a simple two-strand twist. Nowhere as terrifying as the three-strand braid.

Many hands make light work of twisting dough

Its interesting to look at, easy to twist and voila, its done.


Ready to be coiled into a round, greased pan. Left to prove till gaps are filled and time is past.


Baked to perfection in no time.


And great flavours, with lemony goodness wrapped into a tender loaf.

Winner, again, The re-invented, turned inside-out, Cinnamon roll.

Recipe: I used my standard Cinnamon roll recipe, same as for my pull-apart loaf, and baked it in a 9-inch round tin.

I wish I’d saved a slice to photograph…….alas, I did not.

You’ll enjoy it still, right?


Mwah[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Meyer Lemon Russian Rose Loaf – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Hi there, you have such a lovely site packed full of such delicious food. Love your lemon posts. Looks absolutely wonderful. Hope to see you more often. Have a great week ahead.

  2. Cinnamon Rolls are a family favorite at my house. Including sweet Meyer Lemons can only be a good thing, especially if you adore lemon like I do! I can only imagine how quickly these disappeared! A compelling recipe Oz!

  3. Boy, does this look delicious! Can’t wait to show it to my husband and I bet I’ll be eating one this weekend. He is the “dough” cook in the family, lucky me. Thanks for sharing, always so inspiring!

  4. How Yummy! I can smell its cinnamony, sugary, citrisy goodness from New York!! I baked a raisin cranberry cinnamon sugar swirl bread this past week. How on earth did it not occur to me to add lemon/lemon zest! THANKS for the inspiration! Continued Best!

  5. I recognize that cinnamon! I have it too, from Costco!

    Citrus works in creams and in dough. It is incredibly versatile. I could not be forced to choose between which one was my favorite citrus style.

    This looks divine.


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