Grilled Burrata – Meyer Lemon Flatbread

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 8, 2015
Who would have thought I had so many Meyer lemons in my possession and was this quiet.  Remember when?  Remember when I talked non-stop about Meyer lemons for weeks and months, totally smitten. Well, there, goes to show. From New York and Wholefoods I brought back a dozen lemons. For the last month, they’ve turned […]

Meyer Lemon Russian Rose Loaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 8, 2013
Or Meyer Lemon Cinnamon roll, inside-out. Because that’s essentially what it is, a cinnamon roll that wears its fragrant sugar crystals on it sleeve, and chest. Not hidden, not tucked into a pinwheel to be seen in hints, but no, a roll that is bold. Courageous, one that sends cinnamon well before it, not just […]

Baking with Guinness: Four-Leaf Clover Rolls

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2013
If four-leaf clovers are the plants of luck Then four-leaf clover rolls are the breads of good fortune   Full of Guinness goodness, and the nuttiness of dark rye Sweetened with maple, brown sugar Softened with milk and eggs   These are the perfect celebration of Paddy  (Paddy, a word in Nigeria which means friend) […]

Technique: How to Bake Authentic French Bread, Pain a l’ Ancienne

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 3, 2013
I’ve been searching for the easiest way to turn out sticks of beautiful bread in the manner of le Francais. For I equate French breads with a gorgeous tan, exterior;  a soft, chewy interior and well developed flavour. Pain a l’ Ancienne. Bread made in the ‘old-fashioned way’. t6p says: They might look like a true baguette […]

Pull-Apart Bread, Three Ways

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 18, 2012
I could extol the virtues of this loaves If I thought they needed my help I would sing high praises From the top of a mountain And do a one-legged jig But they need no assistance   Call it a version Of the Cinnamon roll The Sticky Bun Chocolate Orange whirls All deconstructed No knives […]

Pumpkin Maple Oat Rolls

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 23, 2012
Healthy 6am weekday conversations in our home are rare. As I guess they are in most households with children of any sort: pre-teen and post teens! Usually, moaning and grumbling tend to dampen the chit-chat of the blue tits and red robins; and even the cocks crowing-a dawn. The kids channel crackles with dragging feet […]

Wholegrain Bread Baking with Spelt

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 6, 2011
False confidence. False humility. They all point to the same thing.

Nikuman: Japanese Pork Buns

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2011
Nikuman. Perfect food for cold wintry days and chilly memories of charming Prague where sub-zero temperatures resulted in lots of  coffee and hot chocolate. I am glad to be home.

Pan Micha from Panama, Une Miche from France

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 11, 2011
A bridge A connection Worlds. Hopes. Dreams, woven Destinies united Over water Across land Cultures, cuisines, language & skin United in humanity Separated by oceans and seas Mountains and valleys The Brief Welcome to the 2011 Culinary Tour, organised by Joan of Foodalogue. Traditional: make one of the country’s national or traditional dishes. Contemporary: take […]