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Grilled Burrata – Meyer Lemon Flatbread

Who would have thought I had so many Meyer lemons in my possession and was this quiet.  Remember when?  Remember when I talked non-stop about Meyer lemons for weeks and months, totally smitten. Well, there, goes to show. From New York and Wholefoods I brought back a dozen lemons. For the last month, they’ve turned […]

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Technique: How to Bake Authentic French Bread, Pain a l’ Ancienne

I’ve been searching for the easiest way to turn out sticks of beautiful bread in the manner of le Francais. For I equate French breads with a gorgeous tan, exterior;  a soft, chewy interior and well developed flavour. Pain a l’ Ancienne. Bread made in the ‘old-fashioned way’. t6p says: They might look like a true baguette […]

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Pan Micha from Panama, Une Miche from France

A bridge A connection Worlds. Hopes. Dreams, woven Destinies united Over water Across land Cultures, cuisines, language & skin United in humanity Separated by oceans and seas Mountains and valleys The Brief Welcome to the 2011 Culinary Tour, organised by Joan of Foodalogue. Traditional: make one of the country’s national or traditional dishes. Contemporary: take […]