A Citrus I cannot Name: Lime or Lemon?

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 21, 2016
There are many things which make me happy. There are quite a few that drive me mad. Not being able to name a fruit or vegetable? One of them. Like Monkey Cola, and now, this citrus that looks a bit like a lemon and tastes a bit like lime. One Sunday, we braved traffic and […]

Friday Cocktails – Tangelo Mimosa

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 4, 2015
When life gives you Tangelos and Champagne, make mimosas. I’d never had a mimosa before I made this version. I’ve heard about that them as perfectly paired with Brunch but I’d never ever tried them.  I always thought they were similar to Buck’s Fizz and they are, save for the fact that the proportions of […]

Chocolate and Orange Meringue Tarts

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 12, 2010
It could have worked out. For days before I made it, I dreamt and searched for recipes which used meringues instead of pastry pie shells. No dice. Still I went ahead, I could see it, smell it, taste it. The individual elements were great – meringues, orange curd and chocolate ganache.