Scent Leaf Chili Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 9, 2015
Yes, Scent leaf to the rescue. Rustle up a quick chili sauce with kitchen staples. I love discovering chili and herb sauces and this Ecuadorian sauce, Aji Criollo is no exception. Serve with plantain chips, pies, rice, basically every and anything. Thank me later. Enjoy.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Scent Leaf Chili Sauce – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

The Best Guacamole Ever

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 7, 2015
And not made by me, but by the capable staff at Rosa Mexicano at the Lincoln Centre in New York. Two years ago, I was wowwed by how beautifully composed the avocado was – prepared as you sat and watched and then had it,  served with two types of salsa – a dried red chilli one […]

On Philly Cheese Steaks

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 4, 2015
Philadelphia is all about the cheese steak people. All about the cheese steak. I vaguely remember Philly and its signature sandwich though but I’m reminded by everyone who knows I am headed to Philly to ‘Make sure you try Philly Cheese steak’. I suspect it has cheese and steak in it but I cant muster much more by way of […]

Philly Homebrew Outlet

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 3, 2015
I go through phases where I ponder the meaning of life. What and why we’re here. If human beings are really human. Just how much meanness there is and the like. Then I walk in the door of the Philly Homebrew Outlet on 1447 N American Street, right on the corner with a United States […]

Destination Philadelphia

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 3, 2015
We arrive in Philly, not by pre-destination but by looking at a map at almost midnight Monday. The plan was to go to DC, but the train fares shocked me into a new decision. I wasn’t about to spend a thousand dollars on a two day trip…just for train fares.   I did say I […]

Home-brew Shops in Manhattan, Or Not

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 3, 2015
I used to love New York but that’s waning. I used to think New York city was infallible – can you use that with a place? The ability to stay above failure, rise about mistakes, never be wrong? I believed once that everything, absolutely everything I needed I could find in Manhattan. Like wine-making supplies. […]

Colorado, Utah and Bagels

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 18, 2012
New discoveries are the reason why I love travel. Culinary and otherwise, they show me the world and I have a long, long way to go. Colorado has brought me face to face with my first corn dogs. I haven’t tasted them yet but I now know what they look like!

A Short History of Ghanaian Food

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 19, 2012
As told by me. And in alphabetical order. And yes, 11 days in a country makes me an expert. Of sorts. Local names are written in italics and I’ve done my best to share the correct pronunciations. Where available, I’ve included photographs – enjoy!

Nikuman: Japanese Pork Buns

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2011
Nikuman. Perfect food for cold wintry days and chilly memories of charming Prague where sub-zero temperatures resulted in lots of  coffee and hot chocolate. I am glad to be home.