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I go through phases where I ponder the meaning of life. What and why we’re here. If human beings are really human. Just how much meanness there is and the like.

Then I walk in the door of the Philly Homebrew Outlet on 1447 N American Street, right on the corner with a United States of America flag on the door and I believe what I do most of the time – that human beings are kind and loving, wanting the best for themselves and others.


I want to experiment with homemade wines, starting with Agbalumo.

New York couldn’t deliver me a kit, well Manhattan. As I didn’t fancy trudging to Brooklyn for the deal, Philly is the star. It not only delivered the tools via the Homebrew Outlet, but I now have consultants I can write to for help.

Coupled with the books I’ve acquired – 2 in number, I am well on my way to brewing my first gallon.


The Philly Homebrew Outlet has EVERYTHING you need to make wine (and beer, cheese, other fermented products but wine is what I came here for :))- from starter kits,


to fruits purees, yeasts,




but most importantly, the expertise. 


Tom was our host and he did an amazing job of letting me know just what I needed for the small batch wines, how important it was to sterilise the equipment, the various types of yeast and more. 

The other gentleman knew we’d had a Nigerian election that day – such a small world. I was so thrilled at the conversation we had. Usually, Nigeria is in the news for some awkward reason but here was a conversation of hope, or promise and most of all, without judgement.. (Some people are more aware and it makes the stark ignorance of masses shocking).

While we talked, he wowwed the children and I with naturally fermented fizzy black cherry kefir drinks. More on water kefir in the future. We loved it. As though that wasn’t enough, he gifted me a bag of kefir grains so I can make my own pop when I’m back. 


I loved not only the items for sale in the ‘warehouse’, from Tees,


To funny posters and boards hung up on the wall.


Did you study this periodic table at school anyone? Well, now’s your chance 🙂


To bottles.


In addition to the things I paid for, I got for free the kefir grains, a stack of wine magazines to help me on my way and a few pages on yeast – the various sorts, what and how to use them.


We left them with a Fifty Naira note up on their board. Small thanks for big love.


Need to brew anywhere? Then contact

Philly Homebrew Outlet
1447 N. American St
Philadelphia, PA

Telephone: 215-755-4556



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