Destination Philadelphia

We arrive in Philly, not by pre-destination but by looking at a map at almost midnight Monday.

The plan was to go to DC, but the train fares shocked me into a new decision. I wasn’t about to spend a thousand dollars on a two day trip…just for train fares.

Gardens in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art


I did say I wanted to be spontaneous a few years ago, didn’t I?

On Google maps, the next major thing to appear was Philadelphia. Oh cream cheese I thought. Nice. Train fare, reasonable at three hundred plus. Time from Penn station? One hour twenty minutes.

The absolute clincher though? A home-brew shop ten minutes from our hotel in the historic district – close by Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross’s house, the US Mint and the like.

We arrive Tuesday afternoon and the first thing to happen? Check in to hotel. Drop off luggage. Hail a cab, destination ‘Philly Homebrew outlet’.


I rang the store shortly before we arrived and was stoked to hear ‘We have everything you need to make wine at home…’

Sold on Philly I was. And still am.

More on the experience.

Reading Terminal Market
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