Remembering Philly & Rita’s Italian Ice

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 13, 2015
Notes: From a Proud Mama. I grew up writing compositions on every topic under the sun – no thanks to an English teacher of a mother. It is therefore of little surprise that I write now, and that I – like my mother before me- encourage my children to write, even when they are weighed down by reluctance. […]

On Philly Cheese Steaks

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 4, 2015
Philadelphia is all about the cheese steak people. All about the cheese steak. I vaguely remember Philly and its signature sandwich though but I’m reminded by everyone who knows I am headed to Philly to ‘Make sure you try Philly Cheese steak’. I suspect it has cheese and steak in it but I cant muster much more by way of […]

Philly Homebrew Outlet

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 3, 2015
I go through phases where I ponder the meaning of life. What and why we’re here. If human beings are really human. Just how much meanness there is and the like. Then I walk in the door of the Philly Homebrew Outlet on 1447 N American Street, right on the corner with a United States […]

Destination Philadelphia

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 3, 2015
We arrive in Philly, not by pre-destination but by looking at a map at almost midnight Monday. The plan was to go to DC, but the train fares shocked me into a new decision. I wasn’t about to spend a thousand dollars on a two day trip…just for train fares.   I did say I […]