Home-brew Shops in Manhattan, Or Not

I used to love New York but that’s waning.

I used to think New York city was infallible – can you use that with a place? The ability to stay above failure, rise about mistakes, never be wrong?

I believed once that everything, absolutely everything I needed I could find in Manhattan.

Like wine-making supplies.

Like when I decided that I wanted to learn to make wine at home that it would give me more than the books I needed. 

That I wouldn’t have to go to the only celebrated home-brew shop on the corner of the Bowery and Chrystie, where kitchen supplies are the deal. That I wouldn’t have to go to the only home-brew shop in Manhattan and find it closed, two or three years before. Formerly at Whole Foods, now gone.

I would find and buy Meyer Lemons


… and Fiddlehead ferns.


I would see wonderful other vegetables.


Whole Foods Bowery

Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes,


Golden Beets,


And these that made me laugh – sweet potatoes called yams. From Garnet


To Jewel.


I liked how each item of produce was headlined then followed by detail about it and it’s flavours.

Then I saw this black soap and laughed a funny kind of laugh. It made me think of Deepa’s lovely piece on Moringa Madness.


All nice. But. Not. What. I. Came. Here. For. 

Thank you very much.

New kid on my block? Philly. Aka Philadelphia. Home of the Cheesesteak, The United States of America and more.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Home-brew Shops in Manhattan, Or Not – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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