Apple Fever: 30 Things to do with Apples


I grew up saying A for Apple and now I’m older, all I do is say A for Agbalumo but still, apples rock.


For many years of my life, I ate apples and drank apple juice and cider and did no more. I threw away apple skins and still ate my apples till my eyes opened to the many glorious wonders the apple holds – as simple as apple pie, no?

  1. Eat the apple

2. Make a fruit bowl

I was going to have dragonfruit for breakfast but I decided to save it for tomorrow.  Instead, a #fruitsalad of #redgrapes, #apples and #bananas. With yogurt and #mint.  The mint is the thing this morning. Like limes were a few days ago.  I think it is #s

3. And Swiss Bircher with some grated apple – excuse the wedges on top 🙂


4. Make apple pie, said everyone ever (that makes total sense. Move on, please), this apparently is Truly Scrumptious!

5. Make apple pectin


6. Apple curd


7. Bake an apple cake

8. Or the most wonderful Tarte aux pommes et sucre


8. Maybe even a tarte tartin – secret ingredient and all


9. This Apple Galette de Perouges, anyone?


10. & 11, Make two refreshing drinks: Apple-Cucumber-Lime Mojito, Two Ways


12. And some Apple & Blueberry Quickbread

Cut up then buttered.  Yum.  Blueberry and apple bake  #vscocam #vscogram #vscolife #vscodaily #vscocollections #kitchenbutterfly #instafood #sweet #baked #quickbread #blueberries #apples #sautéedapples #quickbreads

13. Apple Chia seed cake

14. Apple and Cobnut (Fresh hazelnut) Cake


15. Spiced apple sauce


16. Apple yogurt cake – one of the simplest ever recipes


17. Apple and cucumber salad

Apples, cucumbers and green pepper salad with cilantro

18. Apple shandies rock!


19. This toasted spiced apple oatmeal is a winner


20. I loved learning about Pandowdys and stuffing mine with springtime rhubarb and falltime apples – a tale of two seasons,


21. And that time I dreamt of pie – laced with Calvados


22. Apple Pithiviers! Just saying the name brings out the French in me 🙂


23. Bruleed apple oatmeala brunch delight, think Sunday, New Years, whenever!

24. Tea and citrus poached apple and rhubarb – a fave!

25. Pork & Apple and a dash of cider – talk about classic combinations


26. Chopped apples for pancakes

For the pancakes

27. Make Dutch Appleflappen – deep-fried thick slices of apples wrapped in pastry, stuffed with kirshy cherries in the centre!


28. Apple slices with peanut butter

29. Apple slices, cheese slices on cream crackers

30. Just out of hand. The juiciest, sweetest ones.

And a bonus 67 recipes with apples from Food52 from pies to braises, cereal, soups, bakes, condiments, drinks and more.

What would you add?

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  1. Somewhere while down an internet Rabbit hole I came across your blog it must’ve fate, smiles.
    I’m a chef, retired … while we never can retire I just make smaller meals! At a funky restaurant I was the dessert chef. I’ve literally made 100s of creme brulees. It was my sweet Mom’s favorite dessert. Your bruleed oatmeal! The best and of course it makes perfect sense!
    Love the perspective you bring. Unique and fascinating. I’m going to enjoy this journey!

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