Packed with Care & Baked: Apple & Chia Seed Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 22, 2015
Six months ago, I moved cities. It was hard, hard to leave what I knew and loved and had become used to. Here is Part 1 of many…I wrote back in October. —–00000—– How do you pack up memories Happy and sad How do you box up thoughts Ferry them across tar and concrete ‘Cause […]

Spiced Apple Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 4, 2012
Out with the old, in with the new. Ditch the cinnamon sticks and sweet fragrance of warm spice. Replace it with heat and heart. Crisscross apple sauce….you’ll have no regrets.

How to make Pithiviers

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 12, 2010
‘Children of Nowadays’, as we Nigerians would say, exasperated or marveling at some stroke of childhood genius…or not. Sometimes, hand on large African hips, an adult finger would point back at child… inquiring and seeking confirmation.

Apple and Cobnut (Fresh hazelnut) Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 5, 2010
Welcome to my winter wonderland. After two years, my brolly wants to become a parachute, lured by the attraction of stormy weather, when autumn’s golden leaves slowly dance, passing the baton on to pretty bare branches and gusts of snow.

Tarte Aux Pommes et Sucre

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 24, 2010
When I think of orchards, I always see sunshine, blue skies and windfalls – loads of apples littered about the base of a big tree with wide branches and leafy greens somewhere in Italia. I see grandpa with his golfer’s hat, sitting at the table, his elbows resting on the red and white gingham tablecloth […]

Apples and Orchards

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 12, 2010
See these photos? Allow them tempt you…a teeny weeny bit. The recipe for this Tarte aux pommes et sucre will follow someday soon – I promise. As will that of the apple curd!

Daring Cooks Preserve: How to Make & Preserve Apple Pectin

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 16, 2010
When I hear the wind bellow and scream, And see yellow leaves scurry Ochre ones run And russets  scamper Into tree-line paths and winding driveways Gardens and front porches too When I feel the cold rain drops And watch them fall on the slant I know that Fall is come The season of apples and […]

Thanksgiving cakes – Apple Yogurt Cake and Flavoured Coffees

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2009
I love apple cake. Do you?