Apple-Cucumber-Lime Mojito, Two Ways

This is a version of a non-alcoholic drink that we were first introduced to in Dubai – an Apple Mojito. I’ve tried several times to recreate it and it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve come close to experiencing the delight we enjoyed in December.

My first attempts used muddled mint leaves and lime juice. I had to use lots of leaves to get any measure of flavour and then it was somewhat annoying ‘bumping’ into the leaves when drinking. Eat? Drink? Which?

The second trials involved making a smoothie aka blending the cucumbers and mint with a touch of sugar, straining then combining with apple and lime juice. This was it. Reallllly it. The children couldn’t get enough.

And then there was this, is this. And really, it trumps all that has gone before.


The juice of cucumber, mint and lime, combined with some sugar because a lift of flavours and sweetness is required in a way that the apple juice alone can’t give. _DSC0780

Finished with a few leaves of mint, muddled, this is perfect. This is perfection.


In a glass.


Yes, I confidently say ‘the search is over’. Fancy a ‘grown-up’ drink’? Then add a splash of vodka. Or Tequila, or white rum, or whatever your sweet heart desires. I’m with you – take your pick. _DSC0792
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