Twelve (12) Dishes For a (New Year’s Day) Brunch

…And a few more.

Happy New Year (English). Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar (Dutch). Bonne année (French).

Have a wonderful ones dear friends. I hope 2013 brings us closer, forges new relationships and sees us fulfilled.

I’m drawing up my resolutions, which must include partying. As in hosting more parties, and get-togethers with families and friends.

And so for New Year’s Day, we started on that one in style – by hosting a Brunch for two families, in line with our new family tradition of Sunday Brunch.

My key priorities were twofold: recipes that could be made-ahead – days before and on the day; and the necessity of the having the breakfast trio of bacon, sausages and eggs.

On the menu we had:


Panettone, an Italian yeasted bread-cake.  Apparently the best are storebought, so I say goodbye to the thought of ever making it at home.

Centrespread: Panettone at the heart of the brunch

Foie Gras, with Fig jam, which were both gifts from friends

Worth the wait – we’ve had both for over a year!

Made 2 or more days before & refrigerated:

Chocolate sauce
Mixed berry sauce


Bacon Jam

Top: Bacon Jam; Bottom: Fig Jam

Gingerbread house (but that’s a separate post)

Our first every gingerbread house!

Made the day before:

Magical coffee

Homemade Crostinis

Made on the day & refrigerated:



Whipped cream, two ways – lemon cream cheese  and plain, sweetened (Made-ahead on the day, then refrigerated)

Two salads – a Tomato salad (Made-ahead, then kept at room temperature for the flavours to develop)


Apple, cucumber salad with chopped cilantro (Made-ahead on-the day, then refrigerated)


Hard-boiled eggs

Showing off part of my collection of egg cups, with the Paris one being the latest addition

Green onion sausages (Made-ahead, kept warm till service), on a bed of sauteed onions and green bell peppers


Cheesy-Mushroom Pull-apart bread (Prepared ahead, then baked at the last minute)


Bread pudding, two ways – with nuts and without (Prepared ahead, then baked at the last minute)


Crepes (Make-ahead, kept warm till service)

We love our crepes with sugar and lemon juice!

Oatmeal, two ways: Plain, and a bruleed version, with a layer of apples, topped with oats and fired under the broiler.

I need to get me a real blow torch – I don’t like how ugly broiler-burnt sugar looks, but the oats were DELICIOUS, truly delicious

My friend, B brought some Mexican wedding cookies which were crisp and crumbly and perfect for brunch after!


Some combinations were:

    • Crostinis with foie gras  and fig jam
    • Crepes with whipped cream and berry sauce


  • Bread pudding with whipped cream and custard
  • Cheesy mushroom bread with sausages, scrambled eggs and tomato salad
  • Panettone with chocolate sauce

Just before the official brunch kick-off:

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and chilli peppers


We truly had a great, great, great start to the new year. There was love and lots of laughter. And only a few leftovers.

Happy New Year friends. Do share your brunch ideas with me.

Lots of love X X X

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  1. What an enticing New Year’s celebration! The crepes may be my favorite. They are scrumptious! Wishing you love and peace in the New Year!

  2. What a fantastic feast!!! My favorite line from your post is this: “I’m drawing up my resolutions, which must include partying.” Amen!!! 🙂 XO Happy New Year, dearie!

  3. You entertain exactly as I do. I plan a menu based on items I can do in advance. Once my guests arrive, I want to be part of the party too!

    Everything looks wonderful.

    Happy New Year!!

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