The Art of the Fruit Bowl

I am crazy about fruit bowls.

Everything about them. From colour to flavour.

My go to is a 3-fruit combo of pineapple, apple and bananas. I top with pineapple just when I’m set to eat because pineapple makes the yogurt taste bitter if they mingle too long. 

I love a bit of creamy, a touch of sweet with crisp and crunchy, even a hint of tart.

All fruit bowls

I typically start of with a yogurt base. I favour plain/ natural unsweetened yogurt. Sometimes, I stir in oats – raw or toasted. You could add in granola chunks and seeds.  Use whatever yogurt you fancy.

Things I could do with right now - Food. Real food. - A holiday - A hat. I want a hat to look chic in. Like @p_betty, @thedaisyemenike and @ange_aa - Les enfants. Sigh, parting is such sorrow. Nothing sweet this time.  I'm so looking forward to settling d

The Fruit

Bananas are usually the providers of the cream, though soursop and guava have played that role as well.

Life. In the Tropics.  Boy this was something.  Yogurt Passionfruit Banana  Heaven  You know how some things have that distinct, intense tropical flavour? Fragrance?  This is it  God is so good to me  #simplepleasures #kitchenbutterfly #instafood #instago
This delicious jar is only 3-ingredients: Yogurt, Passionfruit and Banana

Crunch comes from my apples, or pears but commonly apples – red, yellow, pink or green. I favour sweet apples over soursop. Sometimes, plums and other stone fruit take it’s place.  Sometimes dragonfruit and kiwis and passionfruit. Fragrant passionfruit rule…

Whenever you wake up, let that be your morning.  Your chance to start again. Anew. Refresh.  This morning's fruit bowl has all my favourite things except cardamom seeds which I really wanted but couldn't find in the pantry.  Mangoes Purple figs Passionfru

Juicy & sweet come from pineapples or grapes. My beloved. Sometimes berries. Sometimes watermelon, pawpaw, mangoes, peaches and on and on and on

Often the fruit is fresh, other times it’s poached. Like here – cherries and figs poached in a syrup of Barley malt syrup, scent leaves and green cardamom.

#Breakfast - Yogurt - Poached cherries and figs - Toasted oats, dried fruit, nuts & - cardamom  To poach the cherries and purple figs, purchased at L'Epicerie yesterday, I did the following  1. Made a sweet syrup with water,  barley malt syrup,  scent lea


And if I’m feeling really fancy, I finish with some or all of the following:

  • Citrus shavings and juice (lime juice is awesome with bananas)
  • Herbs – mint, basil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Pretty edible buds

Do you have an ‘equation’ for your fruit bowls or salads? What are the essentials?

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