The Art of the Quickbread

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 25, 2015
Banana bread? Cornbread? Pumpkin bread? Muffins? Irish Soda bread?  Scones? Yep, you thought it right – all quick breads. There are arguments aplenty. What defines quick breads? Well, all the quick breads I know are yeast-free, using a classic base-acid combination, aka baking soda and yogurt/ buttermilk/ acidulated dairy to produce the rise, I like to […]

The Art of The Cream Puff

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 24, 2015
Cream Puffs are one of life’s greatest gifts. Everything about the way they are composed to how they are quaffed make them worthy of odes and sonnets. I think. And believe me, I’ve had some of the finest ones so I know what I’m saying. Made of Choux pastry – cooked pastry, they are the […]

Chop, Chop, Chop

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 20, 2015
A Collection of ‘Chop’ Words, just because. Because you can chop up wood, fish, beef. Because you can chop, wack your food…aka eat with relish.  Chop (Dictionary) verb ˈchäp chopped chop·ping   1 a :  to cut into or sever usually by repeated blows of a sharp instrument  b :  to cut into pieces —often used with […]

The Art of Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 22, 2015
You can take any combination of grains/ legumes and vegetables to cook up an amazing soup. Well, almost any. As long as you have the basics right, you can slay every single time. Using meat? Brown it first. Start off with whatever ‘meat’ you’d like, cut in small chunks. I like to make my soup […]

The Art of Maceration

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 6, 2015
Or how to macerate fruit. What is Maceration? Maceration. Not to be confused with Marinating though similar. Maceration is the ‘art’ (barely) of softening fruit – fresh or dried, in liquids or sugar. Similar to marinating but subject here is fruit not meat or vegetables. Why Macerate? To soften the fruit, amplify flavours and prepare them […]

The Art of Pita Bread

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 30, 2015
Pita. Pita Bread. A delightful flatbread, the best of which is barely sweet, soft and with good ‘pocket’. The best pita bread I’ve had in my life has been from a Lebanese restaurant called Jedoudna in Dubai. I love Jedoudna because they bake their pitas to order. What does that deliver to you? Me? The freshest bread […]

The Art of The Sandwich

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 23, 2015
A good sandwich is a gift from God. Period. I like how a simple combination can be transformed with the addition of one ingredient which elevates it to ‘awesome’ heights. Sometimes, that’s a few leaves of basil strewn over cheese or chicken. At other times, it’s the hot, green tabasco sauce stirred into creamy, salted […]

The Art of the Fruit Bowl

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 17, 2015
I am crazy about fruit bowls. Everything about them. From colour to flavour. My go to is a 3-fruit combo of pineapple, apple and bananas. I top with pineapple just when I’m set to eat because pineapple makes the yogurt taste bitter if they mingle too long.  I love a bit of creamy, a touch […]

The Art of The Savoury Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 9, 2014
  I love salads. What a lame beginning. I’m unsure of myself here. Today. On my own blog. I can’t believe its been three months since I was here last. Sigh, life is happening even as we speak. And still, I love salads. And I’m here. Showing up on the page. Talking about the wonders […]