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Suya – Sesame Ma’Salad

by on June 22, 2015

Suya and masa to be honest is a no-brainer for they hold court together, very often. I would simply have called this a suya-masa salad were it not my daughter, of croffle vs croissantwaf’fly fame who christened it Ma’Salad, and so it is.

You can purchase all the elements from your nearest ‘Glover court‘, mix and match or go the actual whole hog and rustle up your own.

I like the combination of flavours and textures – the masa bites work like croutons – heftier without being stodgy. The spiced meat is chewy against the soft of the rice pancake and the sauces – sweet, nutty, savoury take this from snack to ‘meal’, albeit it small.

I made a quick sauce with yaji and coconut milk – thank you Madam Chef of My BelleDon Full, though my 5-minute peanut butter sauce has worked in subsequent servings. There was also my zobo pepper sauce and the amazing scent leaf dip that I never leave at home.

It was so delish, the daughter who likes masa asks for it ever other day and I, lover of it too oblige. On this day, while she enjoyed hers with beef suya, I opted for Tozo, the fatty cut from the neck which transformed what could otherwise have been a ‘dry’ meal to a juicy one.

I made this masa with sesame seeds, benne seeds – I love the toasted, nutty flavours and the light crunch.



While the masa is frying, you prep the suya and the vegetables – tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, chilies if you like.


Everything gets combined – chopped up masa, suya bits and the vegetables.

To serve, you have three of the/my finest – scent leaf dip, zobo sauce and the yaji-coconut sauce.




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