From Ugep with More Love: Yam Mash & Yedamblongh

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 19, 2017
As I ate Yedamblongh,  I kept thinking of how  perfectly it would go with yam mash… And so I got making some. I simply boiled yam and pureed it with a touch of water. I’ve made yam mash/ puree before so this was no newbie or biggie. In the past, I’ve added a touch of […]

From Ugep With Love: Yedamblongh or Okana w. Kola Nut

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 21, 2017
Have you ever eaten kola nut with a pepper sauce? No? Me neither…till now. And I have to thank Carol of Bread & Baskets for this introduction.  A few weeks ago, I toasted some Nigerian calabash nutmeg, Ehuru and shared a photo on instagram. Wofai sent me a message saying that where she was from – Ugep […]

‘Adalu’ Salad – Brown Beans & Corn

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 21, 2015
I’ve wanted to make a bean salad for ages and finally got round to it.  This is a simple spiced salad, flavoured with cinnamon powder and lime juice. The recipe comes from a book ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’. You’ll need cooked beans – boiled till soft but still holding its shape. I cooked the beans without […]

Moghrabieh Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 23, 2015
Legume & grain salads are perfect for Ramadan meals.  Cook up a huge pot of beans, grains and use it in a variety of soups and salads, combined with simple dressings and vegetables. Take one is this salad, take two is a soup using much the same ingredients. I particularly like this salad for the […]

Suya – Sesame Ma’Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 22, 2015
Suya and masa to be honest is a no-brainer for they hold court together, very often. I would simply have called this a suya-masa salad were it not my daughter, of croffle vs croissantwaf’fly fame who christened it Ma’Salad, and so it is. You can purchase all the elements from your nearest ‘Glover court‘, mix and match […]

Five (5) Savoury Fruit Salads

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 25, 2015
Normally fruit – sweet and fresh are confined to desserts…but I like to go savoury with them sometimes. One of the first explorations was a mango salsa and I haven’t looked back since. While I won’t venture out yet to make a Banana salad…though now I think of it, I will…here are a few I’ve made recently. […]

Vietnamese Mango Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2015
I love Luke Nguyen and this is my tribute to him and his Vietnamese Heritage. Whether it is true to authentic Vietnamese cuisine is another thing but…. it tastes good.  Surely that counts for something? The recipe is easy – it begins with sliced mangoes, and then finishes with tossing the fruit, veggies and herbs […]

Four (4) ideas for Poached Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2015
Remember that easy to make poached chicken? Here are a few ways you should be using it. Thank me later 🙂 Just think Soup it! Sauce it!  Bake it!…or something along those lines. There are a million other ideas, but here are just four of them. Tip: To warm up a pack of cold/ frozen chicken, I […]

Re-imagining Nigerian Cuisine: Cassava & Coconut Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 6, 2015
My obsession with re-imagining Nigerian cuisine often begins with street food. The end? Dishes with de- and re-constructed ingredients, new techniques applied to familiar flavours and more. Last August, I discovered cooked cassava shreds/ chips, also called Bobozi, Mbrakasi in the east and south of Nigeria. This popular street snack is sold with chunks of fresh coconut. This version sold […]