Four (4) ideas for Poached Chicken

Remember that easy to make poached chicken? Here are a few ways you should be using it. Thank me later 🙂

Just think Soup it! Sauce it!  Bake it!…or something along those lines. There are a million other ideas, but here are just four of them.

Tip: To warm up a pack of cold/ frozen chicken, I like to place in a pan with a couple of tablespoons of stock or water. Adjust seasoning and add liquid by the tablespoon till heated through as you like

Soup It

Add to a simmering stock with chopped up vegetables. Top up with herbs. 

If you have the courage, break an egg and swirl it in, with some sweetcorn. Season with soy sauce to taste, and finish with spring onions and cilantro. A riff on Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup.

Sauce It

Simply combine sugo, sauteed peppers and some shredded chicken and you have an instant pizza topping, sandwich filling, wrap stuffing, pasta sauce…any more ideas? These 4 are pretty awesome enough, aren’t they?



 Salad It

Make an easy salad, a tossed one, whatever you like. Top it with chicken. Lots of it. Knowing how calorie light it is, and tasty.


Stir-fry It

Add this to your vegetables when you make your next batch of stir-fried rice. Season with a touch of sesame oil, light soy sauce and chili oil. Heaven.

So many more ideas but I’ll stop here.

What would you do with it?[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Four (4) ideas for Poached Chicken – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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