Pepperfruit-cured Salmon

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 10, 2017
Yes. Pepper fruit cured. I knew I wanted to use it for the way I thought the spicy seeds would cut the chewy fish and add aroma. My desire would be to cure white, local fish but this is a good place to begin.  And I’m glad to say it worked. Take some processed pepper […]

Cream of Scent Leaf & Coconut Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 28, 2015
All of the amazing classic but amp’ed with herbs. A delicious fish broth, paired with my scent leaf dip to create a broth that’s fragrant and a cross between pepper soup and Thai Tom Yum. And it starts off quite simple, with the pepper soup. Rather than poach my fish in the broth, I pan-fried […]

Winner: Suya Swordfish

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 23, 2015
Five years ago (already????), I won a ‘Your Best Recipe with Swordfish’ contest on Subsequently featured on a number of sites, from Bon Appetit, Wholefoods to Yahoo Canada, which is really the same as Yahoo :|.  Suya spice. Fish? Works a treat and all with homemade peanut butter. Anyone, yes you…can do it. You get your stuff […]

Garri-crusted Baked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 10, 2015
The first time I saw barracuda in the flesh, I decided to put a garri and yaji crust over it. Quite simple. For me, the idea of using garri as a crust is not only ingenious, but it puts a kitchen staple often used for other purposes to good use. Like cornmeal, it has the […]

Eight (8) Good Friday Recipes with Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 31, 2015
Looking for ideas to celebrate Good Friday and Nigeria moving into a new phase of life? I’ve got you covered with an array of Fish recipes, from starters to entrees and a few sides to boot. From my award-winning Suya Swordfish recipe to a Catfish Ginger Curry, you’ll have enough ideas to whip up a […]

Stove-top Smoked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 5, 2015
I love the fact that I can smoke fish anything at home, with tea, or coals or with an incense mix my sister brought back from Dubai for me yonks ago and long before my trip. It’s a fairly simple process with no special equipment required. All you need are: Smoking mix – homemade or store-bought […]

Take Two: Catfish Ginger Curry from Songhai Farms

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 5, 2014
I post this, long overdue……from Sunderland, in the northeast of England where I’m putting my feet up, enjoying single-digit temperatures and reveling in the stunning views of the North sea. —–00000—– To say I brought back evidence of my trip to Songhai Farms would be right. Evidence in photos, and in food. I brought back […]

Blue Plate Special: Fried Catfish & Olive Salad

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 21, 2013
I met Chris at work, shortly after we moved back to Nigeria in 2011.  He had come to Port Harcourt from Lagos, where he worked to give a lecture to our team. We introduced ourselves, and  once we’d figured out our origins, I quizzed him about Pierogis for he is Polish, and he asked me about […]

Linguine Con Sarde

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 25, 2011
See how quickly things change. One minute I haven’t cooked fennel in ages…and another, I’m breaking open the liqueur cabinet and putting out the brand new bottle of Pernod (which intensifies the anise-seed flavours of fennel), to good use in a weeknight dinner that uses up my homemade ‘tinned ‘sardines and leads to the great […]