Eight (8) Good Friday Recipes with Fish

Looking for ideas to celebrate Good Friday and Nigeria moving into a new phase of life? I’ve got you covered with an array of Fish recipes, from starters to entrees and a few sides to boot.

From my award-winning Suya Swordfish recipe to a Catfish Ginger Curry, you’ll have enough ideas to whip up a simple but stunning dish.



Puff-Puff and Fish

A classic Nigerian combination of fried dough – puff-puff and whitebait. Try it if you haven’t – it’s a revelation in combinations and a small chops staple.



Pancake Blinis with Fish

Easy to assemble tiny pancakes, topped with a vibrant and delicious green sauce, finished with flaked fish. Easy peasy.



Fish Peppersoup

Note my tips for making Fish pepper soup in my pepper soup primer.

You can make the soup with fish but let the broth simmer for up to half an hour before adding the fish so the flavours marry well.

Typically Tilapia and Snapper are the fish of choice, along with fresh catfish. Sea bass and other white fish would also work well.

If you want to make your mix from scratch, here are my suggestions.

If you’d like to use an already prepared mix, dry toast it for a few seconds in a pan, stirring so it doesn’t burn. Once you begin to smell the unique aroma, take it off the heat and remove from pan so it doesn’t continue to cook. Use in soup as suggested.

Serve with boiled yam, plantain, potatoes or rice balls.

Entrees/ Main Course

Jamaican Jerk Fish

Oh Jamaica, thank you for this gift. Served with rice and peas and a delicious mango sauce, you will have everyone going back for more.



Catfish Curry

A delightful, easy to rustle up curry that’s spicy from a ginger ‘drink’ and creamy too.


Nigerian recipe with Catfish

Fishballs in a Green Curry

Soft balls of fish poached in a tasty coconut curry. Go for a Nigerian Green Curry or a Thai one. The choice is yours.

Recipes: Nigerian green curry vs Thai green curry

Green curry served up

Swordfish Suya

This recipe won me a food52.com contest five years ago. It uses a homemade peanut butter sauce to deliver stunning flavours on fish. Enjoy.


Suya Swordfish

Fried Catfish

One of the most amazing Catfish dishes I’ve ever had. Try it.

If you don’t like catfish, use snapper or tilapia instead.
To create the most amazing crispy crust, use garri – ijebu garri instead of cornmeal.



Recipes for sides coming up next.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Eight (8) Good Friday Recipes with Fish – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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