Ideas in Mingau

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2017
Because the classic version is a template begging for colour and texture and more. #1, Crunchy Toasted Coconut My favourite by a notch. I love the way the coconut flavour is reinforced in a toasted, nutty way. It is the perfect counterpoint to the soft and creamy Mingau base. Hack: Use store bought toasted coconut, […]

Classic Mingau: Of Tapioca & Coconut Milk

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 12, 2017
Mingau, a place on the north eastern coast of Brazil, in Bahia Mingua, a porridge of tapioca popularly eaten over Easter on Lagos island, Nigeria Mingau, in literature, of Brazil mentions repeatedly, ‘a sweetened hot drink of tapioca, water, and milk.‘ Mingau is a porridge made from milled cassava, cooked in coconut milk and finished with […]

New Utensils – Coconut Scraper

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 16, 2015
I am a collector of many things, chief amongst which are kitchen utensils. Since I discovered the Indians have something called a Coconut scraper, I’ve scoured every Indian store in Nigeria and even attempted to do same in Dubai, to no avail. Enter Kalustyan’s on my March trip to New York…and see what I procured […]

Vegan: Coconut Condensed Milk

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 6, 2015
Ever since I made the most delicious thing…do I say that about everything? No, I don’t. You think I do? Well, I don’t.  For the record, I only say it about things that are absolutely mind-blowing, like the scent leaf dip and curry which continues to turn heads and blow minds and titillate palates. And […]

Allergic to Coconut Oil?

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 27, 2015
For the last two days, I’ve suffered a terrible sore throat. Ever since I had a certain chia seed pudding with salted caramel coconut milk. See, I’ve occasional suffered from an itchy throat after eating coconut and tiger nuts. At first, I was puzzled – this was beyond the slight itch and so I turned […]

Some Kind of Mango Shrub

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 24, 2015
Because sometimes, you need to redefine things. A shrub is a kind of drinking vinegar, with fruit and sugar. A shrub can also refer to a cocktail or soft drink that was popular during America’s colonial era, made by mixing a vinegared syrup with spirits, water, or carbonated water.[1][4][5] The term “shrub” can also be […]

How To Get The Coconut Water Without Breaking The Coconut

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 20, 2015
Coconut and its water, the liquid sloshing around its belly. If you ever buy a coconut and hear no water when you shake, put it down my friend, that mother is no good. I remember when I was young and I wanted to get the water out of the brown, mature coconut. I would find […]

Mango & Chia Seed Pudding

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 14, 2015
I love chia seeds in bakes and in the famed chia seed pudding. Chia seed pudding plays on the unique gelling quality of the seeds when soaked in liquid – they form a thick, tapioca-like mix that makes a paplike nutty pudding. This combination works a treat – mango puree with a delightful homemade coconut […]

Agbado ati Agbon – Corn with Coconut

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 11, 2015
It’s three weeks into the start of corn season, at least in the south/west of Nigeria. Corn stands are popping up all around, decorated with the brown hard shells and white flesh of coconut. I see Asala, African Black walnut too, hawked on red-rimmed enamel trays but still no Ube, purple butter pear. Last year I explored […]