New Utensils – Coconut Scraper

I am a collector of many things, chief amongst which are kitchen utensils.

Since I discovered the Indians have something called a Coconut scraper, I’ve scoured every Indian store in Nigeria and even attempted to do same in Dubai, to no avail.

Enter Kalustyan’s on my March trip to New York…and see what I procured for a mere $10. Yep, my very own Coconut scraper.

This utensil is a rotary headed device for grating/ shredding the inner, white side of fresh coconuts. Perfect for sambals, and salad toppings.


The head has 8 saw-toothed semi-circular blades, twinned actually in 4 almost cardinal pairs. 


A bit tricky to use, one pushes the rotary head into the belly of a coconut segment/ half and rotates. This action scrapes the flesh of said coconut….

And leaves you with moist, creamy shreds that my daughters and son ate off the plate till I begged to let some alone for topping my salad.


Have you used one before? Do you have one? What do you/ would you use your shredded coconut for?

_DSC1928[wpurp-searchable-recipe]New Utensils – Coconut Scraper – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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