Ideas in Mingau


Because the classic version is a template begging for colour and texture and more.


#1, Crunchy Toasted Coconut

My favourite by a notch. I love the way the coconut flavour is reinforced in a toasted, nutty way. It is the perfect counterpoint to the soft and creamy Mingau base.

Hack: Use store bought toasted coconut, known as coconut candy in Nigeria
Ideas: Coconut caramel sauce – slightly burnt, coconut brittle, fresh mango, lime zest sound like dreamy additions.


#2, Zobo syrup & blueberries with cardamom

A close second – I loved the sweet, floral notes of the zobo and the slight sweetness of the blueberries. BTW, zobo and blueberries work beautifully together – fresh and poached. Loved it.

It would have been my fave because of the gorgeous flavours but I think the crunch of the coconut candy works beautifully in contrast to the soft tapioca.


#3, Agbalumo-strawberry jam with almonds

My least favourite. I felt the sweet and sour jam overpowered the delicate flavour of the Mingau.


So yes, these are my first three trials. Later on, I combined fave 1 and 2 and it was the perfect match.

What are your favourite accompaniment? Share all please.


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