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Street parties

A few weeks ago, my neighbour organised a street party. It was a pleasant suprise and the turn out was great. Busy families, busy times, we rarely had time to meet or get to know one another.  And so this party sorted that out. In one fell swoop. Families ordered as many pizzas as they wanted; […]

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Monkey bread, Banana bread

I’ve never fancied Banana breads or muffins.  Never courted them, craved them or sought them out in a crowd. Not when I was young and my Liberian-American aunt made it with Rice Flour. I just couldn’t imagine how over-ripe bananas could morph into something glowing…. till I met my friend, S. Kids obey you parents and […]


TV West Appearance

A few months ago, I came across an ad in newsletter about a TV station looking for expats to talk about their life in the Netherlands while cooking a meal from their homeland. Since I haven’t gotten on Masterchef … yet, I figured TV West was my best shot at fame and so I leapt […]