Street parties

A few weeks ago, my neighbour organised a street party. It was a pleasant suprise and the turn out was great. Busy families, busy times, we rarely had time to meet or get to know one another.  And so this party sorted that out. In one fell swoop.

Families ordered as many pizzas as they wanted; The delivery guys were shocked. Or  maybe that was just me. I haven’t ever had a pizza party.

Pizza deliveries Tons of PizzaBrute stack of pizzas Chinese toothpick jar

Everyone brought a dessert and drinks;

Family desserts

Wine openerCream-filled mini buns

Even the kids had a ball. It was fantastic.

Kids having fun

We got to know one another and laughed. Laughed a lot actually. Some exchanged shopping tips – where to get the best fish and feta cheese in these parts.

Full tables

Definitely a ‘groove’ to remember. Even when the rains threatened, we remained nonplussed….

Rain threatened

And then this morning, I was on Yahoo, and to my greatest shock and delight, I saw an article extoling the virtues of street parties. It read  – Street parties to meet neighbours and ended with “The way to tackle this recession and global warming is through Human Warming.”

We are trendsetters. Ahead of our times. Join us if you can. Have a street party today (or sometime soon).[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Street parties – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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