Target tips

 Recognise this pattern?


Maybe you do… but I didn’t, at first. I’ve never been to America. Please don’t laugh…..

So the shores of Yankee, I haven’t yet seen but loads of its wares, I’ve held in my hands, including ziplocs, pecans and some body cream that came in these bags. All the way from Houston to Wassenaar. And were it not for my husband, the bags would have ended up in the bin – bearing the effects of the long journey and a slight bicycle accident. I live in the Netherlands – make the connection.

IMG_9967 IMG_9960

 Yes, in a game of darts, when you hit the Bull’s eyes, you’re done – you’ve made a homerun, won the game, brought home the trophy. Target. I have friends who rave about Target.  All I get is a bag, sniff, sniff…. one though with 5 great tips to share.

Reuse by Target

Till I make it to the States, I’ll aim right and hope. Enjoy these tips and more.

IMG_9954 IMG_9991IMG_9983 IMG_9955IMG_9982

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