Things I’m thankful for…

It all started when I opened the door…and stepped outside this morning

To behold the beauty and colour that a rainbow brings
Hope and courage were built up in my heart
as the rainbow I saw arched over skies
the grey and the blue, side by side, as clouds must be
for a rainbow to form and for you, it to see
While dark clouds hover and raindrops fall
Little rays of sunshine keep pushing through
And truly my eyes and heart opened up to see
that sometimes the rain a blessing can be!
Today I am thankful to God for all  the things of beauty around me…and how they help me enjoy food even MORE.
And as John Keats would say, A thing of beauty is a joy forever! 

1) I am thankful for the Butterfly…it lends me its name, it mirrors my growth and it is a creation of intense beauty….man-made and otherwise. Not to mention the help it gave me with my Melissa


2) And the Acorn and Oaks…give me confidence that “Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow.” And so….despise not the day of little beginnings….just as the Bible says!

Acorns...A mini acorn

3) And the pretty Poppies…that grow wild along grass lined paths….and provide delightful Poppy seeds…for muffins and bread rolls and other delights alike. Their beauty in the  summer, to me unrivalled…..

Poppy against sky

Its starts out as a bud…. and then in droop mode, opens up a tad….it sheds its skin

A budding Poppy A drooping poppy bud...slowly openingBeauty dried and shriveled...before the bloom

The beauty of its purple velvet heart…and the tiny seeds that line its base…and the wonder of watching an ant so small, be nourished by the seeds of another so pretty (can you see the ant?)….

Cross section through a Poppy At the heart of every poppyPoppy and pole

And to see different Poppies at different stages of their life – all in the same stretch of land and grass. Growing together, leaning on each other. Some providing warmth and some protection but all together, living, breathing and swaying in the same gust of wind…wonderfully and perfectly created for this.


To provide joy to the eyes and moon-shaped seeds for the belly. What more could a plant ask for?

Poppy seeds

 4) And flowers that know no name…to me at least..but their beauty and colour ….to my senses appeal

Pretty flowers

And last but not the least

5) Of seeds and oils…both named after thee, the Sunflower has its own nature, its own following and its own calling, all true. To look at it, to admire it, to long to be warm and big and bright and useful … that not the desire of most men?


So today and everyother day of my life, I will (try to) be thankful for health and peace and joy and…!

Try your best too, to be![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Things I’m thankful for… – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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