In Season: Soursop Frozen Dessert

Soursop is in season and I’ve finally made the frozen dessert I’ve longed to since forever. These days, for creamy fruit, I tend to go with condensed milk as the ‘dairy’ of choice. Why? Well, condensed milk is rich and thick and the tiniest amount seems to work wonders.

_DSC1977 In Mangoes, With Mangoes & Passion Fruit and much more. This recipe is so easy to accomplish that I suggest you bump it up to ‘must-make’ status immediately. There are a few things to do before though:

    • Select some fine ripe fruit – The flesh should be green, and free from squashed/ blackened patches. Did I mentions soft? Soft, and ripe such that the skin gives a little when the tiniest bit of pressure is applied. You should also smell it – very tropical, very fragrant.


  • Prepare your fruit – a key step. Note that Soursop seeds are toxic so do not incorporate them in your blend! Be guided. My fine fruit yielded 2 cups of soursop which ended up blended with 1 cup of water. I passed this through a sieve…to remove any fibrous bits and create a smooth cream.




    • Choose your flavourings. In my case, I went with the seeds of green cardamom pods and lime.


  • And then I went the puree route again. I’d split the mixture into two, each about a cup and a half of cream. For the cardamom version, I added a full tablespoon of condensed milk to the mix and blended with the crushed seeds of 4 green cardamom pods. For the lime version, I went with the finely grated zest of 1 lime.



_DSC1982_DSC1990 Once pureed, I refrigerated till the mix was chilled – overnight. And then I churned for twenty minutes and finally set in the deep freezer.  _DSC1992 Damn, was this fine or what? We had it for brunch on Sunday. Everyone loved the intensity of flavour – and mostly from the fruit itself. The flavourings complement its natural character so well without dominating the peculiar part banana – passion fruit – pineapple flavour. I tried a bit with some sweet Zobo cordial turned syrup. It was nice too. All that was missing was a cookie, maybe some sesame snaps, Ridi. Well, next time. _DSC1997 So, what have you done with Soursop? What do you plan to do? Share, tell, help.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]In Season: Soursop Frozen Dessert – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. I love your blog. I read about you on eatdrinklagos first of all. Then I came across your menu for Naturals in the City, amazing! I have always been curious about some Nigerian fruits and my jam making hobby. I have used soursop to make jam earlier in the year. I paired it with lime juice *smile. I’m happy you have amazing creations. I do pray you have all the best *hug.

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