On Oluhun: Learning & Discovery

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 13, 2016
The rains are here – heavy with juice and thick with grey, thundery clouds. It seems like it rains every day. Green tea with orange has been my remedy for the running nose and itchy eyes the rains bring me – allergies of some sort.  But that’s alright. This is life.  For the last few weeks, […]

In Season: Soursop Frozen Dessert

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 22, 2015
Soursop is in season and I’ve finally made the frozen dessert I’ve longed to since forever. These days, for creamy fruit, I tend to go with condensed milk as the ‘dairy’ of choice. Why? Well, condensed milk is rich and thick and the tiniest amount seems to work wonders. In Mangoes, With Mangoes & Passion Fruit and […]

Updated: Five (5) Nigerian Fruits You’ve Probably Never Seen or Heard Off

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 5, 2015
Updated 13th September, 2016 – with new information I’ve update this piece based on recent information and learning. I will only add to what I knew previously, nothing has been changed or deleted.  Thank you to all the readers who have shared and continue to share information that enables these discoveries. I appreciate it. —————————————————————————...

How to Make Soursop Cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 4, 2015
Once you have your peeled & prepped soursop, you can make a quick ‘cream’. All that’s required? Blitzing in the blender or food processor to ‘unify’ the texture. I tend to blend with a bit of water but any liquid would do. I store the blended mixture and use it in a wealth of ways […]

The Anatomy of Soursop

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 4, 2015
Annona muricata, also known as Soursop. Apparently, it is in the same genus as the chirimoya and the same family as the pawpaw. Growing up, this was one of my older sister’s favourite fruits. I’d watch her eat it and suck creamy pulp from black seeds. Occassionally, I would tuck in and enjoy but it was […]

The Anatomy of Agbalumo

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 18, 2015
This study was taken on, to find out the best way to remove the flesh of the agbalumo for preservation and processing. Typically, after a thorough washing, I press the top sides of my agbalumo around the stalk in to ‘break the fruit’. Out seeps a creamy sweet and tart juice that is rapidly licked. […]

Agbalumo, The New ‘Orange’

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 15, 2015
Down with a cold? The sort that most people get on the cusp of changing seasons, from harmattan to rainy? Don’t just reach for oranges, grab some agbalumo.  Agbalumo? Yes, agbalumo. Rich in ascorbic acid – hence the tartness (thanks Tipu), more so than oranges – this is your rainy season fruit. The value of ascorbic […]

Nigerian Agbalumo Curd

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 11, 2015
I imagined it would be nice. And it was. Is.  And mostly from Agbalumo puree. Agbalumo puree cooked with egg yolks and butter to make a sweet, breakfast/ bread spread. It takes on the colour of caramel and the lushness of recipes with cooked egg yolks – rich and smooth on the tongue. So yes, […]

Nigerian Agbalumo Puree

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 11, 2015
I have a dream, that one day, Nigerian cuisine will be spoken about, for its richness and diversity. That one day, the world will know that there’s more to our food than ‘pepper’ and ‘swallow’. I intend to play a small role in making that happen, so help me Lord.  For a while now, my […]