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Re-imagining Nigerian Cuisine: Tapioca & Coconut Soup

by on February 6, 2015

With my huge batch of cooked cassava chips, I wondered what else I could do.

I considered making Aipim, a traditional Brazilian cake – dense, moist and apparently delicious. We, afterall share histories of food and more with them.  However, I wasn’t sure my cassava was of the right texture, as it was in chunky chips as opposed to grated and so I decided to venture down a different path.

That of a quick broth, flavoured with coconut and herbs, in which the chips got poached and then finished with a squirt of lime juice and crushed, roasted groundnuts.


The Verdicthing? Think of it as a tropical broth with spice, where the cassava adds some bite and the peanuts, crunch.


I’ll be repeating this often.

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